7 Bad Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Listen up, folks! It’s the time of the year again! In a few short weeks, your beloved will be looking to once again see a very special token of your love and affection on Valentine’s Day! It’s bad enough to have to remember to get a gift but even worse when you get one that causes your loved one to (ahem) wonder if you have some serious mental problems.

Valentines Day gifts are worse than Christmas and Birthday gifts because of their significance. It is more than just a gift, it is an expression of your love for the other person so if this flops, expect some mighty cold lonely nights for a while. On the other hand, if this works, you could have warm passionate nights that will make you get into the habit of locking the bedroom door to prevent unwanted interruptions. So how do folks end up giving bad Valentine’s day gifts?

7 Bad Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Low-fat candy

Unless your Valentine is diabetic or is one whose diet is restricted by a physician, a low-calorie gift screams “you’re overweight”. Valentine’s Day is a day of love, and any subtle form of criticism is a sure way to put a damper on a festive day.

2. Bathroom scale

Going along with the low-fat candy idea, a bathroom scale screams out that you are not satisfied with how your Valentine looks. Diet cookbooks or dieting books are no no-nos as well. You are with your Valentine because you love him or her. See your Valentine with your heart instead of just your eyes, and you’ll know what to give him or her.

3. Stuffed animal

These are cute if the recipient is still in school. The sincerity of the gift-giver comes a little under suspicion on how much thought was put into the gift when the store shelves are bursting with stuffed animals in the Valentine’s Day aisle and this is an easy and quick gift to choose.

4. Handmade coupon book

While the thought behind the gift is wonderful, this gift is only a brilliant idea if the gift-giver follows through on also giving the gift of time and letting the recipient use each of the promised coupons.

5. Heart-shaped necklace

This sparkling little cliche tends to be over-done at times. Your Valentine will appreciate something original that expresses your relationship. Go beyond the easy and expected and choose something that will make her say “wow”!

6. Lingerie

When this is given to ladies, it’s really a gift for the guys when you think about it. And unless you live in a warm state, a flannel nightgown would be much more appreciated than lingerie in February anyway!

7. Practical items

Ladies need vacuum cleaners, irons, and even dust busters – but not on Valentine’s Day. While men tend to appreciate more practical gifts, women appreciate a romantic gift on a day dedicated to expressing your love.

A special day dedicated to love, Valentine’s Day gives you the opportunity to express your love and care for that special someone. And with a little time and thought you will come up with the perfect gift to express your feelings as you go beyond the expected and practical, to find the passionate and spectacular!

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7 Bad Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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