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Women today are desperately spending more money on commercial products in the pursuit of a single ambition… beauty. But the question we need to ask ourselves is this – with the promises that try to grab our attention everywhere we look, why do we still not feel beautiful? Isn’t it time to go back to the basics? Women in ancient centuries knew the answers, and you can too. Don’t fall for the latest fad. Just look in your cupboard for nature’s best-kept secrets, and start feeling truly beautiful.

Olive Oil

This isn’t middle school anymore, and the days of desperately trying to strip our young skin and hair of excess oil have left us with its opposite, yet equally frustrating rival – over dried hair. Olive Oil is perfect for deep conditioning dry, brittle hair.

Hair Treatment

1. Warm 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil in the microwave for 1 minute
2. Drape a towel around your shoulders and comb your unwashed or slightly damp hair
3. Beginning at the roots, apply olive oil to your hair all the way to the tips
4. Keep in for at least 30 minutes, then wash out

Other popular products for hair: Coconut Oil, Mayonnaise


Myrrh was a highly prized essential oil in the East for health benefits and beauty regimens. When young women were undergoing preparations in ancient Persia, a prescription of six months’ myrrh treatment was given. Its medicinal qualities range as anything from a pain reliever to a cure for bad breath. Gently rub a small amount on your skin for an overall sense of well-being, or use in an incense burner for an aromatherapy experience.

Other popular essential oils: Frankincense, Lavender, Cinnamon


Raw almonds:

In addition to lowering cholesterol and improving overall heart health, healthy fats and vitamin E in almonds are an excellent solution for beautiful skin. You can obtain these benefits simply by eating raw almonds. It is an easy yet beneficial snacking alternative for work, home, or on-the-go.

Almond oil:

Almond oil can be used topically for deep massage therapy. The same healthy fats and vitamin E are absorbed into your skin, giving it a healthy glow and making it velvety to the touch.

Other popular products for skin: Vitamin E Oil


Raw honey masks are a natural anti-aging technique to keep your face looking youthful. It acts as a moisturizer and contains antioxidants that bring life back to a dull complexion. The warmth that natural masks generate opens the pores and allows the nutrients to soak deep into the skin. Gently rub raw honey onto your face and indulge in its magic for about 20 minutes.

Other popular products for facials: Avocado


Ever heard of Cleopatra’s famous milk baths? You can have skin as soft and supple as Egypt’s breathtaking queen with this simple exfoliant. Many commercial products boast the label “milk and honey,” but few actually contain the real properties that make this regimen effective. The lactic acid found in milk penetrates deep past surface skin cells. Just add 2-4 cups of milk to your bath, soak, and gently scrub away the dead cells for luxurious skin.

Other popular products for bathing: Oatmeal

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