Cashmere Doesn’t Need To Be Expensive


As the winter season wraps up, it’s a good idea to take advantage of all the sales as stores desperately try to unload their winter stock. This is good news for you, especially if you happen to have selective taste and love luxurious clothes…but not the prices that are associated with them. Cashmere is versatile and stylish for any occasion, whether you wear it to work, to the theater, or to a Sunday brunch. So go ahead- stock up on these incredible pieces for next winter!

Writer’s Top Pick: Lands’ End Cashmere

For women and for men, Lands’ End cashmere sweaters are affordable and comfortable. Best of all: their cashmere looks just as nice as some of the more high-end, pricier pieces. Lands’ End has 2 current cashmere sweater styles for women. The first is a Cashmere long sleeve tee-neck sweater. This style comes in 3 different colors (ivory, black, and navy). This style is great with designer jeans for a casual Saturday night date to the movies or a wine bar for some drinks. For a more flirty style, you might like the cashmere bow sweater, which features a tee-shirt neck with a fashionable bow along the neck in the front.

Runners Up: Talbot’s & Chico’s

Talbot’s clothing line features classic items that never go out of style. While their items typically are pricier than some other stores, their sales make their clothing much more affordable when you’re on a budget. For a classic style with which you can never go wrong, try the boyfriend sweater. The boyfriend sweater is incredibly versatile from professional to casual. On a night when you’re going out for drinks after work, you can wear a sweater with dressy pants or a nice skirt and bring jeans or a casual skirt to change into.

If pullover sweaters aren’t your thing, consider a cardigan. I have yet to find a better deal for cashmere than this. While this isn’t “true” cashmere, it is a Pima cotton/cashmere blend that makes this piece just a touch more versatile than the rest, as it can be worn through spring and summer, whereas some of these other pieces need to be reserved strictly for fall and winter.

brunette wearing cream cashmere cardigan sweater with black crocheted hat

Talbot’s Boyfriend Cardigan can be worn in any season. Light spring colors make this a nice choice to put on over a tank top or strappy casual dress. The cardigan comes in petite and women’s sizes and with 4 color options: olive, lemon, holiday pink, and tourmaline. Unfortunately, the Boyfriend Cardigan at Talbot’s is now sold out, but we found several boyfriend cardigans on Amazon that are affordable.

Chico’s clothing stores feature high-quality items that are a mix of classic and trendy, for most casual occasions and for work. These are the more expensive items, even after sale prices, but they’ll last as a staple in your winter wardrobe for years to come.

The longer tunic style is really “in” this year, and doesn’t show signs of fading away. This cashmere sweater is perfect for the office, with a notch neckline that doesn’t expose cleavage.

Tri-Mountain Womens 3-Button Rib Knit Scoop Neck 3/4 Subtle Puff Sleeves Sweater

Puffed sleeves are making a comeback, and this sweater fits right in! This 3/4 puffed sleeve scoop neck sweater is a great transition piece from winter to spring. The sweater comes in 4 colors: Aubergine (purple), Pacific Blue (teal/turquoise), Black, and Coral and is available on This sweater would be cute with a khaki or pinstripe skirt.

For a cashmere scarf to tuck away for winter, you might also be interested in Chico’s Cashmere Scarf (available exclusively online), which comes in 4 different colors and is available for buy now pay later with Afterpay.

Find Cashmere For Even Less

Looking for a cozy cashmere sweater without breaking the bank? Here are some tips for finding cashmere on a budget:

  1. Shop during off-seasons: Many stores discount cashmere during the warmer months when demand is lower.
  2. Thrift stores and consignment shops: You never know what gem you might find at a second-hand store! Check out stores in upscale neighborhoods for the greatest chance of finding high-quality pieces.
  3. Online marketplaces: Websites like Poshmark, Mercari, and thredUP offer substantial savings on cashmere items, and you can often find new with tags pieces at steep discounts.
  4. Overstock websites: Retailers like Nordstrom Rack, Overstock, and Amazon often have cashmere items at heavily discounted prices.
  5. Wait for flash sales and holiday deals: Keep an eye out for deals around Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other major holidays – many stores run big cashmere promotions during these times.

Remember, just because you’re not paying top dollar doesn’t mean you can’t find high-quality cashmere. Keep an open mind and enjoy the savings!

Hole in Cashmere? No Problem!

Here’s how to fix a hole in your cashmere sweater using just a crochet hook:

  1. Start by turning your sweater inside out and placing a piece of cardboard or magazine paper underneath the hole to prevent any snags or further damage.
  2. Using a crochet hook (here is a guide to crochet hook sizes) and a matching yarn color or thread, start by creating a slipknot on the hook and then insert it into the fabric by the edge of the hole.
  3. Pull the yarn through to the front of the fabric to create a new loop, then insert the hook into the fabric again a few millimeters from the first stitch and pull the yarn through to create another loop.
  4. Continue this method of creating stitches horizontally across the hole until it has been fully covered.
  5. Turn your sweater over and repeat the process from the other side to ensure a seamless repair.
  6. Weave in the ends of the yarn by knotting and trimming them close to the fabric.

And voila! Your cashmere sweater is as good as new.

So go ahead, indulge those finer tastes. With these ways to save on cashmere prices, it’s well worth it!

Happy shopping!

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