Style Tips For Women With Small Busts

One major advantage for flat-chested women is that there are more styles to suit your figure. Clothes tend to hang better with dainty boobs and you can wear backless styles and plunging necklines without creating a stir for all the wrong reasons!


Flat-chested women are lucky in as much as they can do justice to so many slinky low-cut dresses and plunging necklines without worrying about falling out! You can also wear backless dresses without being in need of support.

flat chested woman wearing floral v-neck spaghetti strap dress

Avoid Empire line dresses though as this is one style that works better with a big bust. Curve accentuating wrap dresses may not flatter you either as they generally require a fuller bust to fill out the top. A wrap dress or top may serve to make you appear skeletal instead, with its deep V-neck.

Coats and Jackets

Unlike more well-endowed women, you can wear virtually any coat and jacket and look good in it. Enjoy!

Blouses and Tops

Whereas scoop necklines and deep V-necks enhance a big bust, these only serve to give small boobed women a skeletal appearance if the top has long sleeves. Small busts look great in high or slashed-neck T-shirts, and vests with cut-away sleeves. An alternative is a round neck with short capped sleeves, which will draw attention to your arms and shoulders rather than your chest.

Camouflage flat-chests by wearing sleeveless tops with detailing on the front – ruffles, frills, etc. Halterneck tops and dresses are a good alternative as they also show off a shoulder which is a sexy substitute for a cleavage. The bigger the ruffles, the more it leaves to the imagination than the eye. Check out these DIY halter dress ideas.

black tank top with big black ruffles

Avoid styles that are designed for busty women like boob tubes and corset tops, unless you are considering using some artificial padding! Instead of being stylish and sexy, boob tubes on flat-chested women look more like bandages.

Sweaters and Jumpers

Avoid low scoop or V-necks and go for a round-neck or polo-necks sweater. Wear bulky knits rather than fine ones, which tend to cling to the breasts and draw attention to what is missing!

big bulky sweaters camoflauge small breasts

If you must wear a V-neck jumper then make sure and wear a round-necked t-shirt underneath.

Trousers and Pants

Any designer jeans, pants, or trousers which have a slight flare will cause the waist to appear narrower which, in turn, maximizes a smaller bust.


Being flat-chested means that there are many swimsuit styles that really flatter your figure. Avoid wrap-over styles, but ruching around the bust will make your breasts look bigger.

small busted model wearing yellow bikini

Tiny triangle bikinis, halter tops, and bandeau tops look good on a flat chest so does any style that draws attention to your arms and shoulders. You can also wear colorful striped swimsuits with horizontal stripes, and cutaway swimsuits look great on you too.


The one advantage you have over big-busted women is that you can have the choice of a breast day or a non-breast day. There is a wide variety of bust enhancers, padded and plunge styles to enhance your breasts, not to mention silicone “chicken fillets” which can be popped in on-demand!

What is the best bra for small busts?

According to Stylish Women, here are the best bras for small-busted women:

If you happen to be planning a holiday to Asia, then make sure and take an empty suitcase! Asian women are much smaller in proportion to western ones and the choice of sexy and feminine bras (and swimwear) from a cup 32A up is mind-boggling. Women’s underwear is not only incredibly cheap in Thailand but the range of styles in minute sizes is unbelievable. Thai women love their underwear!

Colors and Prints

Horizontal stripes across the chest will make your bust look wider. Anything with bust detailing will draw attention to the decorative appliqués rather than your chest. Breast pockets will also make your chest look larger.

horizontal striped strapless dress makes boobs look bigger

You can also get away with small prints such as this season’s popular Jaeger-inspired star patterns. Bright colors will suit you and you can wear light-colored tops without worrying about looking too large, in fact, if anything, they enhance a smaller bust.

Scarves and Belts

If you are very self-conscious about your lack of cleavage then make good use of some fashionable scarves to drape across your chest. Wide belts and corset belts will also accentuate your bust, giving a peasant-style, blouson effect.

asian model wearing colorful scarf draped over black dress

Many women who have a small bust suffer from big hips and large stomachs, creating what is known as a “pear shape”. If you have taken some advice on board for maximizing your bust, then follow it up by learning how to minimize the rest of your figure.

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