6 Different Ways To Style Short Hair

Short hair is often not a haircut that you would usually associate with styling. Many people prefer to get their hair cut shorter for convenience as well as style. This is because a shorter haircut would usually be styled in one way. However, these days there are a number of things that you can do to short hair, making it a much more fashionable and stylish option. So if you are wondering how to style short hair then here are some suggestions.

1. Straight hair

One of the first things you could do would be to have straighter hair. Using hair straighteners you can make a dull shorter hair cut appear sharper and edgier. This could work with a pixie cut, a blunt cut as well as a bob or a lob.

Ways To Style Short Hair

Usually, these hair styles would be styled in one way, but straightening the ends of your haircut can help you to create an edgier appearance. Which could transform your usual look.

2. Curls

Waves and curls are a great way to add more definition and volume to a shorter haircut. You could use straightening or barrel curlers. Each will give you a different sort of curl.

curly short hair

Whether you try a tighter curl or something a little more free-flowing, it can transform most short haircut styles. From chin-length hair to shoulder-length, curls can transform your look.

3. Beach look

The natural beach look is something that many of us strive to achieve. We want that natural sea-salty look in our hair and this can be the perfect style for shorter haircuts.

The Bohemian Cut

You can look at creating a natural wave by letting your hair dry naturally, or adding curls to your hair and then brushing it through to create waves and a more natural finish. Adding some textured spray to your hair and scrunching up a bit will finalize the look.

4. Razor cuts

With shorter hair, there is a big surge in popularity by adding razor cuts and these can be done in so many different ways. With shorter hair, you can have a razor cut all the way around and then keep a little length on top. Or you could choose to do a razor cut just at the back or on one side. This gives a fashionable and edgier appearance when it comes to shorter hair. It can look good with a bob or even a pixie cut, and many people are embracing this new trend.

5. Hair up

Even if you have shorter hair you can still master the hair up. You can french plait parts of the hair, or even pin certain parts up.

Classic Vintage Cut

It can look very effective on shorter hair, just as much as it can on longer hair and there are some great tutorials online that can guide you on how to do it.

6. Change up the parting

Finally, you could look at changing the parting. Going from a center to a side or vice versa can transform a short haircut and overhaul any hairstyle.

The Best Short Haircut Styles

Hopefully, these short hairstyle suggestions will help you to learn how to style your short hair so you are in love with your look!

6 Different Ways To Style Short Hair

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