How To Brush Long Hair Properly

How To Brush Long Hair

Long hair is effectively very old hair and as such can get very fragile. Therefore, it is beneficial to take extra care when brushing it. This article provides a brief overview of how to brush long hair properly.

Four tips on effectively brushing long hair

1. Use The Correct Brush Type

Not all brushes are created equal; each suits different hair types. If you are brushing your hair with the wrong brush you won’t be getting the most out of it and could even be causing damage. Long hair benefits from the use of a basic oval, rectangle, or paddle brush.

Look for a brush that has a decent size head and rubber cushioning. The rubber cushioning helps to counteract static which can often build up when stroking through long hair. You also need to select a bristle type that suits your hair’s texture.

Fine to medium hair typically benefits from natural bristles and very coarse hair often requires a mix of natural and synthetic bristles. Natural bristles are gentler on the hair but are not always strong enough to tackle thick, coarse hair.

2. Never Brush Wet Hair

This applies to all hair lengths but is a particularly vital requirement when it comes to long hair. Hair is much weaker when it’s wet and pulling a brush through it can cause the hair to snap. It is much better to brush hair prior to getting in the shower because it has much more flexibility when it is dry. If you need to detangle your hair when it is at least fifty percent wet, make sure you do so with a wide-tooth comb rather than a brush.

3. Keep Your Brush And Comb Clean

Brushes and combs gather dirt, dust, and oil. You don’t want to drag this through your hair from top to tip. It is beneficial to clean your hair tools in hot water and a little shampoo once every few weeks.

4. Brush From The Tip Of Your Hair Up

People generally brush from the top of their hair downwards, but when you have tangles in long hair this is not effective. If you try to pull the brush down through the tangles you are likely to cause breakage.

Instead, try brushing the ends out first. If you come to a knot separate the rest of the hair out of the way, then gently pull it apart with your fingers before attempting to brush again. Sometimes you may need to repeat this step a few times until the knot is completely untangled. Remember to be patient, because any undue force could cause the hair to snap.

It takes a lot of time and effort to grow long hair, so make sure you keep up the effort when it comes to regular care!

How To Brush Long Hair Properly

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