Cheap Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

We all want to have the most memorable day for our wedding. The question is where we should and can cut costs. Most of the time we are determined to have everything perfect for our big day. But, perfect does not always have to affect our budget. Receptions are actually a good place to cut down on expenses.

Cheap Wedding Reception Centerpiece Table Decor

Here are some ideas that may help you in your search for the perfect wedding reception centerpiece table decor at a reasonable rate.


First off many people don’t realize how cheap it can be to purchase fabric and make our own table cloths instead of renting the really nice ones. Many times during the year fabric stores will have sales on fabric that can make it more affordable. Also, if you don’t want to take the time to hem up the edges perfectly, chances are no one will even notice after a few toasts of champagne.

If you want to cut down on costs even more you can buy cheaper vinyl tablecloths. You could even put out markers on all the tables. After everyone is done eating they can leave you well wishes on the tablecloth and keep their kids occupied at the same time.


A rarely looked at alternative that is super inexpensive is candles for centerpieces. You can find many great candles at your local discount stores that look just as pretty as the more expensive ones. You only need them for a few hours after all. If your reception is outdoors, tabletop tiki torches are the newest fad instead of candles. 

If you are feeling really crafty and adventurous you can also make your own candles for the tables. Doing this brings a personal touch because you can style them, color them, and scent them any way you choose.


One thing people don’t think of very much either is the flowers. Fresh flowers for reception tables can add up quickly in cost. Fake flowers are usually less expensive and don’t die! So you can buy them way ahead of time and find the perfect color of flowers you like. This is your special day so if the flowers don’t match perfectly, it will still be okay. The pictures of the reception will still look beautiful.

If you are determined, however, for real flowers for everything, here is a tip. Look up some of your local flower gardeners that sell to your local florists. Many times you can find farms that grow certain types of flowers. You may be able to buy bulk from them at a cheaper rate if you explain your situation to the management or owner.


Some things you may never have dreamed of make great flower and candle holders for tables. Examples of these items include old wine bottles. You can paint them or wrap them with twine for a sophisticated look as seen below. If you paint them gold or silver, they will even look metallic.

homemade wedding reception centerpieces wine bottle wrapped with twine

I have also found that a great way to find vases for your centerpieces is to look online for a local glass factory. Many times these factories will have discount stores on sight. Here you can get vases and glasses for much cheaper than in retail stores.

mason jar used as vase in wedding reception centerpiece

If you like glass vases, recycling mason jars are also a great wedding reception centerpiece idea. Or check out your local Dollar Tree for cheap glass vases. If they don’t have any in-store, you can order glass vases online at and have cases of them delivered directly to you. Or have them shipped to the store to avoid shipping charges.


There are many cheap alternatives to decorating your reception that can cut costs greatly in the long run. Don’t be overly concerned with the perfectness that is going to break the bank. After all, everything you purchase only has to last one day so, sometimes cheaper will still look just as good as the more expensive alternative.

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