5 Color Trends For 2024 Spring Weddings

Color Trends For Spring Weddings

Spring weddings are all about fresh color combinations and unique themes. With the arrival of spring comes a time to celebrate new beginnings, and with that, you have the perfect excuse to get creative with your wedding colors! What’s more, there are plenty of new trends emerging for spring weddings that are sure to make your special day one of a kind.

Color Trends For 2024 Spring Weddings

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest color trends for spring weddings.

1. Soft Pastels

pastel hue flowers for spring wedding

Pastel hues are always popular in the springtime, and this year is no exception. Soft pinks, blues, lavenders and peaches are still in style and make for a beautiful spring wedding palette. To make things even more interesting, combine multiple pastel shades together for an effect that is both subtle and elegant. For example, try pairing blush pink with peach or lavender with mint green for an eye-catching combo that exudes warmth and romance.

2. Muted Neutrals

beige and taupe shades wedding color trend

For those who prefer something a bit more subdued yet still stylish, muted neutrals might be the way to go. Shades like beige, taupe and light grey provide a softer backdrop but still allow you to incorporate pops of brighter colors such as yellow or pink if desired. Alternatively, you could opt for a classic black-and-white combo which will never go out of fashion – plus it looks great in photos!

3. Muted Pinks & Neutrals

Muted Pinks & Neutrals wedding color trend

If you’re looking for something more romantic and understated, muted pinks and neutrals are an excellent choice. Think blush pinks paired with light grays or sandy browns—the perfect mix of feminine romance and relaxed comfort! To really make your muted palette stand out, add hints of bright pink or metallic gold accents throughout your décor for a pop of contrast that won’t overpower the overall look.

4. Vibrant Colors

Vibrant orange and yellow wedding color trend

If you’re looking to add a little pizzazz to your wedding color scheme, why not consider some vibrant hues? Bright oranges and yellows can bring an uplifting energy to your event while also allowing you to inject some fun into your wedding reception centerpieces. You can also mix in some bolder shades such as reds and purples if you want to create a truly memorable experience. Just make sure you balance out those brighter tones with calmer ones or else it could end up looking too overwhelming.

5. Shades of Green & Blue

green and blue shades wedding color trend

This year, green and blue are making waves in the world of wedding colors. From light aquas and mint greens to deep teals and navy blues and emerald greens, this striking combo looks especially vibrant against neutral palettes like white or cream.

To pull this off, pair lighter shades with navy accents for a subtle yet eye-catching contrast or pick colors that go with emerald green clothes. Or use deeper hues alongside pastels for an unexpected twist on classic wedding colors!


No matter what style or vibe you’re going for on your big day (or the perfect double wedding), there are plenty of gorgeous color combos out there that are perfect for spring weddings! From muted pinks and neutrals to vibrant reds and yellows, take some time to explore all the options before deciding on the right one for your special day. With so many beautiful choices out there, chances are good that you’ll find just what you’re looking for!

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Beautiful Spring Wedding Color Trends for 2024

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