15 Things Interior Designers Would Never Have in Their Home

Things Interior Designers Would Never Have in Their Home

When it comes to interior design, there are certain items that experienced interior designers would never have in their own space. Whether it’s an outdated piece of furniture or an overused color palette, these items can often bring down the aesthetic quality of a room.

15 Things Interior Designers Would Never Have in Their Home

Keep reading to learn about 15 things interior designers would never have in their own space and what they would replace them with!

1. Clutter 

 Clutter is one thing interior designers would never have in their homes because it distracts from everything else and makes even the most stylish rooms look messy and disorganized very quickly…instead declutter your home regularly by sorting through items you no longer need/use before putting them away neatly; this helps keep things tidy & makes cleaning much easier too!.

Experienced interior designers understand how clutter can make a room feel cramped and chaotic. The answer? Utilize storage options such as cabinets, bins or boxes to keep items off the floor and organized.

2. Poor Lighting

Lighting plays a critical role in creating a comfortable atmosphere. An experienced designer understands this, so they are sure to choose lighting fixtures carefully and strategically place them around the room for maximum effect.

3. Too Many Patterns

Patterns can add character to any room but too many patterns can be overwhelming and distracting. An experienced interior designer knows when enough is enough! Instead of having multiple patterns competing for attention, focus on one or two accent pieces with interesting textures or designs that make the space feel cohesive and timeless.

4. Dark Colors

Dark colors may look stylish, but they can also make a room feel closed in and dreary. An experienced interior designer will opt for lighter shades of paint as well as light-colored furniture pieces to make the space appear more open and inviting.

5. Matching Furniture Sets

Matching furniture sets are outdated and often look cheap or tacky in modern spaces. To create an elegant yet modern ambiance, mix different styles of furniture together instead of buying matching sets from the same collection!

6. Overly Ornate Mirrors

Mirrors are great for reflecting light & making small spaces appear larger than they actually are – however ornately designed mirrors often overpower other elements within a room & draw attention away from them instead; leaving rooms feeling overdone & cluttered with unnecessary details… so skip on those ornate frames and choose simpler designs, like these Anthropologie mirror dupes, that won’t take away from other key features within the space!

7. Cheap Wall Decorations

Cheap wall decorations are usually made with inferior materials and don’t last very long before they start looking worn or outdated – something no experienced interior designer would want in their own home! Spend your money on quality wall art that will last much longer than cheap knockoffs!

8. Too Much Color

Colorful rooms can be stunning but too much color can be overwhelming and chaotic-looking – something no experienced interior designer would want in their own home! Stick with one or two main colors (beige, gray, white) with accents of bolder colors here and there throughout the room instead of saturating every surface with bright hues!

9. Empty Space

Empty space may seem like wasted opportunity at first glance but it’s actually essential for making any room look balanced and complete Not giving each piece its own “breathing room” can make even the most sophisticated decor look cluttered—something no experienced designer wants in their own home!

10. Poor Quality Furniture

Investing in high-quality furniture will pay off when done right; it’ll last longer than cheaper alternatives which means you won’t have to replace it every couple years due to wear & tear . Furthermore, good quality furniture adds more value to your home should you ever decide to sell it down the line!

11. Oversized Artwork

Oversized artwork is often too big to fit comfortably into most residential homes — a problem no experienced interior designer would want in their own home! Stick with smaller art pieces that compliment rather than overpower other elements throughout the room, such as lamps, curtains, and chairs etc., for best results !

12. Overly Cushioned Couches

An overly cushioned couch is comfortable, but not always practical for everyday use. The bulky cushioning can take up too much space and make a room look cluttered. Interior designers usually opt for couches with minimal cushioning for a clean yet comfortable look.

13. Fake Flowers

While fake flowers might seem like the perfect solution for people who don’t want to worry about taking care of real flowers, experienced interior designers know that nothing beats the beauty of fresh flowers. Switch out your fake flowers with some fresh bouquets to give your home a more natural feel.

14. Fake Plants

Just like fake flowers, fake plants are never as aesthetically pleasing as real ones—especially when compared side by side! If you’re looking for a plant that won’t require much maintenance (or any at all!), opt for succulents or low maintenance plants such as cacti which come in various sizes so they can fit perfectly into any corner of your home without taking up too much space!

15. Thin Area Rugs

Area rugs add warmth & comfort to any area they’re placed in; however if they’re too thin and uncomfortable then no matter how aesthetically pleasing they may be they simply won’t serve their purpose efficiently enough…instead invest in thicker area rugs which provide better insulation & comfort while still looking great!

15 Things Interior Designers Would Never Have in Their Home


Creating beautiful interiors is part art form and part science; experienced interior designers understand how important it is to use the right pieces in order to create stunning spaces full of character and personality–and now you do too thanks to this list detailing 15 things an experienced designer would never have in their own homes (and what they would replace them with)! Now go forth and start creating beautiful homes today–happy designing everyone!

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