How To Decorate A Table For Valentine’s Day

How To Decorate A Table For Valentine's Day

If you prefer to skip the crowds at the restaurants on Valentine’s Day and save a few bucks, you can create the perfect ambiance at home using some simple decorating tips. Check out these ideas to create a romantic table for Valentine’s Day that will surely leave a lasting impression.

Focus on the Centerpiece

roses centerpiece

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is all about the flowers, and only one bloom will do on this special occasion. While long-stemmed roses can be beautiful for use on the table they are better when nipped close to the bud. That way the focus is on the gorgeous fullness of the petals. Group them into bunches and place them in short stout vases arranged to accent the middle of the table. Depending on the size of your table, one arrangement might do, but a larger table might need two or three to be more substantial.

Select a Gorgeous Table Cloth

Gorgeous Table Cloth

A crisp white table cloth is the perfect backdrop for a romantic Valentine’s Day décor. Depending on your style preference, you can go with plain fabric or one with a bit of lace detail to pump up the flair of the table.

Use Lighting to Set the Mood

wine, candles and roses

The glow of candlelight immediately sets the mood for romance. You can work candles into the centerpiece of the table by using beautiful candlesticks and you can also place them on a sideboard for some additional ambient lighting. Mixing up the thickness and height of the candles creates interest and on the side table, you can also use one that has just a hint of a scent. Make sure the smell is not overpowering because it might throw off the taste of the food. You can get cheap candles at the dollar store, so your Valentine’s Day does not need to be expensive.

Use a Love Note as the Place Setting

Use a Love Note as the Place Setting

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so take the opportunity to let your romantic sideshow by writing a love note for the table. You can scribble it in your own handwriting and put your lover’s name nice and large at the top. This can act as a place setting but it is also a personal keepsake of the evening that will be scrapbook worthy if you put some thought into it. Handmade gifts are best and cheap to make!

Play With Your Food

strawberries and wine

The Valentine’s Day tablescape is not complete until the food is served! It can be fun and flirty to carry the theme into the food. Drop a strawberry into a glass of sparkling wine to add a fruity flavor and give it a nice pink tint or finish off with a cup of coffee that is topped with whipped cream complete with a chocolate heart as a garnish. Add a few aphrodisiacs foods so the romance continues well into the night! The sexy lingerie may even come out!

Check out these ideas to create a romantic table for Valentine’s Day that will surely leave a lasting impression.

Creating a romantic Valentine’s Day table is easy if you put a little thought into it beforehand.

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