Cheap Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

homemade Valentine's Day card

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The pink, red and white décor fill every store’s “holiday” section. Stuffed bears holding an “I love you beary much” heart and dozens of chocolate wrapped in special boxes with gold and silver tin foil or red velvet heart-shaped boxes screaming “Buy me, eat me!” The emphasis on gift-giving Valentine’s Day can make anyone cringe and then worry about how they can show their partner that they care.

Though a Tiffany’s twenty-four-carat diamond necklace is nice and a pair of courtside tickets to the Final Four would make a man grovel at the feet of the woman who gave the gift, for men and women, it’s really the thought that counts and you don’t need to give an expensive gift for Valentine’s Day.

In fact, it doesn’t have to be pricey or cost a thing, but time a bit of creativity. This Valentine’s Day, make a new tradition with your significant other to spend as little money on each other as possible (you can even set a limit of twenty dollars) and be surprised by how special Valentine’s Day will become for the both of you. You could even dictate that the Valentine’s Day gift be homemade. These ideas below are just some suggestions in truly making it a unique and budget-friendly Valentine’s Day, so there can be less time worrying and more time spent with the person you love.

One of the best ways to show somebody you care is a homemade Valentine’s Day card. Making a homemade card will show your significant other that you took the time and didn’t pick a random, generic card from the store. Making a homemade card can be made with construction paper and colorful markers. You can have fun with it by making it more sentimental and writing memories between you and your partner. If you need help thinking of something to write in the card, check out these Valentine’s Day quotes for kids. A homemade card will definitely be special and original.

Another easy way to remind your sweetheart you care is by sending them an E-card. With over a dozen different websites to choose a card from, you can be sure it’ll paste a smile across your loved one’s face as they open their e-mails on February 14th. It’s a great idea and only takes about two minutes. The part that takes the longest is deciding which cute e-card to send.

Sometimes life gets so busy, that eating dinner with your partner can be far and in-between. The significant time with your partner can be taken up by fast-food drive-thru windows and late nights at work. This year for Valentine’s Day, take a break from the fast-paced lifestyle and make dinner. Here’s some great Valentine’s Day Pasta Dishes that would be perfect for a romantic dinner. 

romantic meal

Making dinner is a great way to reconnect with your partner and showcases hidden talents that you never knew about each other. To prepare for the full course meal, search different recipes on websites, such as All Recipes or Food Network. These websites have menu ideas that fit every lifestyle and will even have special Valentine’s Day meal ideas from breakfast to dinner, so you can spend an entire day making food for each other on Valentine’s Day. Add a natural aphrodisiac food to the menu, and the night should only get better!

Also, along with life comes stress and sometimes all one needs is to relax and unwind. A hot soaking bath after a long day followed by a nice massage is a great way of showing your lover that you realize how busy they are and want to help them relax. In order to set the mood for your partner as soon as he/she walks into the house, have dim lighting and light candles around the house. When it’s time for the massage, use massage oil that has chamomile and play light music in the background.

Speaking of music, making a mixed digital deck is always a cheap way of saying “I love you” and giving your loved one new music to put on their iPod. Making a mixed deck of music that reminds you of your significant other is always special and shows you were thinking of them. You could also make a compilation of love songs and play the music while you’re giving your partner the massage above.

Put on some sexy homemade lingerie and do a little striptease for your partner. The aphrodisiacs should’ve kicked in in full force by now and a great night of lovemaking should be had by all.

There are millions of different ways to say “I love you” without breaking the bank on Valentine’s Day and with the Internet-savvy world, different options are right at the tips of your fingers. Just make sure to do your own spin to make it even more personal and memorable.

It can be nerve-racking trying to find the best gift for your Valentine, but buying something expensive doesn’t have to be the only choice. For this special Valentine’s Day, show your loved one that they are special and the time you two share together is priceless.

Cheap Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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