Handmade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Adults

homemade chocolates

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular times of year for adults to get creative. There is nothing like a handmade Valentine’s Day gift to bring out the romance in your loved one and to show your adoration. There are many different crafts you can try in order to make a special gift, but it is wise to practice before you start your Valentine project, to avoid last-minute mistakes and panics.

Chocolates are a traditional gift for lovers on St Valentine’s Day, so how about making your own? Simple shapes of fondant infused with flavors such as strawberry, orange, and coffee, and then dipped in rich dark chocolate can look every bit as good as commercially available ones. Remember, chocolate is an aphrodisiac.

If you know your lover has a particular liking for a certain type of flavor or perhaps adores white chocolate above all others, making a small box of only those favorites will be a sure winner. Alternatively, if you can find some good quality fresh strawberries or cherries, half dip these in chocolate and then leave to set.

Sally’s Baking Addiction has a good recipe for homemade chocolate truffles, and An Italian In My Kitchen has an easy recipe for homemade filled chocolates.

Place each one in a little wrapper or paper case, and then arrange it in a gift box. You could even include a piece of jewelry underneath or in the middle of the sweet treats. Decorate your table for Valentine’s Day and include your gift box by the centerpiece.

homemade Valentine's Day card

Making your own Valentine’s Day card with homemade paper allows you to give it a personal touch. Keep the style simple unless you are experienced in card making. Draw a heart shape on a plain card, so that one side of the heart is sitting on the fold.

Cut around the heart shape, but not along the fold where the edge of the heart is. Next, use a heart-shaped hole punch, available from most stationers or hobby stores, and cut out several small hearts in pink, red or white paper (depending on the color you chose for the main card).

You can use glitter paper or paper that has a pearlized finish. Glue these smaller hearts onto the front of the card in a random pattern. On the inside, you can add a verse from your favorite love song, and give the back of the card a spray of your most sensual cologne or perfume.

If you are planning to propose to your loved one on Valentine’s Day, why not make the ring a little more special by making it yourself? This will take a lot more planning and time, but the results will be well worth the extra effort.

You may want to enroll in a jewelry-making class as this may provide you not only with the tuition but also access to any larger pieces of equipment needed. Few women would fail to be impressed when presented with a hand-crafted ring as a proposal of marriage.

However, you choose to celebrate St Valentine’s Day, giving something handcrafted shows a level of thought and commitment far above that of an expensive Valentine’s Day shop-bought item.

Handmade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Adults

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