How Going To The Salon Is Like Therapy For Women

How Going To The Salon Is Like Therapy For Women

Going to the salon is almost like seeing a therapist. You come in feeling stressed out, not only about your tresses, but about life in general, and leave feeling lighter, both physically and mentally.

When you first walk into a salon, you are greeted by other women. Automatically you feel comfortable since you are surrounded by others who go through the same issues you do. You jot down your name on the waiting list, grab a magazine and just begin to relax. You don’t have to worry about your significant other, your kids, your job…nothing. It’s all about you for the next couple of hours.

Finally, your name is called and the stylist gives you a great big smile. She throws the apron around you, seating you at the sink. She gently lowers your head into the warm, comforting water and all your inhibitions melt away.

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She deeply massages your scalp with her fingernails, releasing any tension that comes to the surface of your soul. Not only is scalp massage relaxing, but feeling the shampoo foam in your hair releases the endorphins. It also smells so good, you think you are in an apothecary.

Next, the stylist lifts your head into a towel and seats you at the stylist station. The floodgates are open and it’s time to talk about whatever crosses your mind. Sometimes you are just looking for a chat, other times the stylist provides suggestions for problems you might disclose. Either way, you feel like you can trust this person not to judge you because she might know what you are going through.

After the cutting is done, the stylist whips out her trusty blow-dryer. From there the creation is being molded into the new you. Feeling the brush gently rubbing your scalp almost causes you to doze off. The heat relaxes you even further until the occasional tug from the hairbrush wakes you up. And when it’s done, you are rejuvenated.

How Going To The Salon Is Like Therapy For Women

At the end of it all, you look in the mirror and see a different person. Your spirit has been lifted, and you look great. Not only do life’s worries seem insignificant, but you have a newfound boost of self-esteem and confidence.

With a friendly smile, you say thanks and head to the register to pay for your session. Don’t forget to tip your hairstylist! You already have it in your mind when you will return for your next visit.

Sometimes salons are like the bar, Cheers. You can become a regular, so everybody knows your name. You gain friendship there. There is a sort of camaraderie you can’t find anywhere else. You just leave feeling wonderful. All because of a trip to the salon.

How Going To The Salon Is Like Therapy For Women

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