How Much Should You Tip Your Hairstylist?

How Much To Tip Your Hairstylist

A trip to the hair salon is often thought of as a reward to many people, finally a moment to relax and have someone cater to them. A time to rest and prepare for things ahead or a thank you to themselves for tasks completed. Well, how about a thank you to your stylist?

While at the salon two questions never seem to go unasked: Will this hairstyle look good on me? How much will this cost? The answer given to those questions can have a big effect on any possible tip given.

As a client, you want an opinion from your stylist but you also want that exact hairstyle look that Jennifer/Halle/Angelina has. More times than not, what you want will outweigh your stylist’s opinion, leading you to insist on getting that look anyways.

Realize that when a stylist says something will not look good they are giving their professional opinion. Many people assume stylists are just out to make money but make sure you look your best and you are happy is how a stylist makes money.

Stylists make a living off of repeat clientele, a happy client will become a devoted client. Although, even after being warned many people decided to get a style anyways, and if/when it doesn’t look as expected, they blame the stylist. This blame usually results in less tip or even worse no tip.

How much a service cost is always a factor when visiting the salon. Most people have a set limit they do not want to exceed and it is important to factor in the tip when thinking of that limit. When told a price for the service, people instantly decide whether or not it’s within the budget. A $53 service and $55 budget only leave for a $2 tip, but an appropriate tip would be at least $7.

Another thing many people think and try to factor in is that stylist pockets any money earned. Know that there are various ways for a stylist to be paid so don’t assume that what you pay goes straight into your stylist’s pocket or let it affect the amount of tip given.

When out to dinner the average person tips at least 15% for a service that lasts only 45 minutes to an hour. At a hair salon, you receive a service lasting anywhere from 6-12 weeks, depending on whether it’s a haircut or a chemical.

Therefore an appropriate tip for your hairstylist is at least 15-20%. During holidays it is often common to tip more, especially if you visit your stylist often throughout the year. This person keeps your hair in check, so during your time of relaxation be sure to remember who is hard at work for you.

How Much You Should Tip Your Hairstylist

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