3 Home Remedies For Age Spots

middle age woman with age spots

Age spots, also known as liver spots, are dark spots that appear on the forehead, hands, and arms. These normally don’t show up until a person is at least over forty. These unbecoming spots are nothing more than “adult freckles” that result from overexposure to the sun, causing certain pigments to gather in a cluster closer to the surface of the skin.

While many people have a lack of understanding about the causes of age spots, there are numerous known home remedy treatments for lessening the frequency and lightening the coloration of the spots. Below are three of the most common home remedies known.

Home Remedies For Age Spots

1. Fresh Lemon Juice

This is one of the more common home remedies for age spots. The acid from the lemon juice is just strong enough to peel off the upper layer of skin, lightening the current age spots. Apply the lemon juice with a cotton ball twice daily. Within six to eight weeks the age spots should be so light that they are not noticeable.

2. Onion Juice

While onion juice doesn’t have the uplifting aromatherapy that comes with lemon juice, it is another option. The directions are the same as applying lemon juice, but with the added step that you should puree the onion to get the strongest juice possible. However, you can also use onion slices instead of the cotton ball dipped into the juice.

3. Dandelion Sap

Finally, another use for those pesky weeds other than tea! Dandelion sap has been known to not only help lighten age spots but also eliminate warts. To use this method, simply apply the sap from the dandelion to the age spots two to three times a day.

Aside from these well-known home remedies, other methods of decreasing age spots revert back to some of the basic things we’re told as kids: stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen. These two methods will not only decrease the number of age spots from appearing but will also help prevent those already there from darkening.

The reason that I have included only these three herbal remedies is due to the pickiness of the human skin. Some other cures include treatments dealing with chemical substances that have the same effect as bleach. While some may choose to go with the remedies, for many people this is too harsh of a treatment.

Home Remedies For Age Spots

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