How To Buy The Best Jeans For A Pear Shape Body

The Best Jeans For A Pear Shape Body

In the search for the perfect pair of jeans, it is beneficial to know what suits your body type. This article looks at the most flattering jean selections for women that have a pear shape body.

What To Look For When Shopping

It will guide you towards choosing the best color, pockets, leg style, rise, and fabric for a pear shape body. And then keep reading to see where to find these exact styles for your pear shape.


Always choose dark denim because dark denim is much more slimming. In contrast, light colors make you look wider. So look for indigo denim or black denim, but avoid acid wash or sand wash denim.


Look for jeans that feature back pockets. This idea is to split up the expanse of fabric in this area. The pockets should be medium to large in size and placement is also important. Look for pockets that end where your bottom ends for the ultimate in flattering. Ideally, the stitching will be in the same color as the denim rather than contrasting. Make sure you avoid the seam pockets at the side seams because they are likely to gape and this will only exaggerate the area you are trying to play down.

Leg style

Boot cut, flare, or straight leg styles are the most flattering on a pair shape. This is because they help create proportion by balancing the width through the bottom region down at the ankle region. Avoid slim leg or tapered leg jeans because these will only highlight the difference in fullness between your bottom region and ankles. If you are going to wear straight, wide legs styles make sure the width begins at the end of the bottom. And here’s the best shoes to wear with straight leg jeans.


High-rise jeans that sit at or above the belly button will only make your expanse of bottom look larger. Low-rise jeans which sit well below the belly button are unlikely to provide the coverage needed especially when you bend over or squat down. Try to look for mid-rise jeans.


Avoid lightweight super-stretchy denim as this will cling to and highlight every lump and bump. Instead, look for structured denim fabrics that have between 2-4% of stretch for comfort and movement. A style with a small percentage of the denim will actually help hold you in.

Other Details

A few other key points to look for include:

  • Turn up cuffs – this balances out the hips and bottom
  • Wide waistbands – this minimizes the bottom size
  • Floor skimming length – when jeans brush floor-length, they elongate the legs adding visual length

Best Jeans For Pear Shape Bodies

Don’t have time to go shopping for jeans for your pear shape? Never fear as we did the research and found the best of the best jeans available now.

Old Navy Mid-Rise Dark-Wash Kicker Boot-Cut Jeans

Mid-Rise Dark-Wash Kicker Boot-Cut Jeans for Women

These jeans from Old Navy are affordable and come in sizes 00 through 30 plus they offer inseam options of short, regular, and long to fit all pear shape sizes. Shop now!

Lucky Legend Mid Rise Boy Jeans

Lucky Legend Mid Rise Boy Jean

These super cute jeans from Lucky Brand have a smiley face patch embroidered on as well as distressed detail which definitely keeps one’s eye away from your pear-shaped hips! Plus Lucky allows you to buy now and pay later if you need jeans now but your pocketbook is empty.

An easy, relaxed fit slightly tapered at the hem, the Mid Rise Boy sits right at the hips with a relaxed leg for a lived-in feel. Made with hemp, a super strong and durable natural fiber that requires far less water and fewer pesticides to produce than traditional denim, this pair from our limited edition Lucky Legend collection features unique embroidered patches and distressed detailing for your own authentic style.

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When trying on jeans, make sure you can check out your reflection in a three-way mirror to ensure that you are happy with the fit from all views. Take a seat to make sure they are comfortable in all scenarios and squat down to check that they cover your bottom in this position. Most online jean stores allow free return shipping if the jeans don’t fit properly.