How To Wash Jeans To Avoid Shrinking

How To Keep Jeans From Shrinking

One of the most frustrating experiences is to try on that pair of expensive jeans from the wash, and find that you have to squeeze into them. Jeans often shrink in the wash, but if you bought them because they were a perfect fit, this can be really annoying. Even expensive jeans will shrink because of the very fabric they are made from. This will occur unless you take care in the washing and drying process, and choose quality items.

Buying The Right Jeans

When you decide to buy jeans, look to see what materials they are made from. The quality of the jeans depends upon it. Not all jeans are made in the same way, with the same fabric, and with the same amount of fabric. If you look at the percentage of the different materials used to make the jeans, this gives a clue. Fabric mixes vary between jean manufacturers. The consumer often makes the mistake of thinking that the elasticity level will mean that even when washed, the jeans will simply stretch back to shape immediately.

The jeans should typically have about the same percentages of stretch elements as stated in the previous example, but the rest is made of cotton. Denim is traditionally associated with cotton content, and it will shrink; although you can avoid this by following the instructions below:

Get Jeans That Fit Your Shape

In the old days, students would wash their jeans while wearing them to ensure a superb fit. However, this isn’t recommended and is a messy experience. Do wear your jeans and get yourself accustomed to their fit, and the jeans accustomed to your body shape. When they need washing, they are more likely to go back to that shape if washed correctly.

Washing Blue Jeans

If washing white jeans, these need extra protection. Wash separately to avoid colors running from other clothing.

How To Wash Jeans To Avoid Shrinking

Use Washer Economy Setting

Wash at a cold temperature on the economy cycle. The economy setting saves you money, but it also subjects the jeans to less friction and wear.

Use Cold Water Setting

If there are strains on the surface of the jeans, it’s wise to use a stain remover to remove these before the jeans are put in the washing machine. A dryer will shrink them, so if you have one which has cold settings, make sure that the setting is changed to cold.

If you have time to dry these by hanging them out, hang by the waist, and make sure they are not subjected to too high a temperature. Don’t over-dry them, as this impedes the ironing process and makes them very hard to iron.

For normal jean colors, these can be washed with other cold-water items, and in the same way as above. However, colored jeans are less prone to staining from other items. The area these may suffer is when they are left to dry creased up. Flatten the jeans before hanging them out to take out all additional creases. Leave to dry naturally and do remember to take them off the line before they are over-dried and unable to be ironed without the use of steam.

Do Not Dry All The Way

Even on a cold setting in the dryer, take the jeans out before they are completely dry and lay them flat for best results. If you pull seams straight and waistband firmly at this stage, chances are that they will retain their shape and be more comfortable to wear the next time you need them. By avoiding hot water and hot air, you are effectively giving your jeans a better chance to avoid shrinkage.

By using a minimal wash on the economy setting, you expose them to water for the least amount of time. It is these actions that help keep them the same size. Now isn’t that easier? It really only takes a little extra effort to make the jeans stay the same size. Now all that’s needed is the ability to keep your figure trim so they always fit when you need them to, without having to squeeze into them.

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