Style Tips To Conceal A Large Belly

Style Tips To Conceal A Large Belly

Having a large belly is a problem for many women, especially the lower abdominal area. Whether the cause of a belly bulge is from having children, stress, genetics, or other factors, it can be a cause of insecurity for many. However, just like all other problem areas, fashion can give the illusion that the bulge doesn’t exist. So don’t fret, just follow these simple guidelines, and watch your belly diminish right before your very eyes.

Style Tips To Conceal A Large Belly

If you’re self-conscious about your large belly, there are some style tips you can use to help conceal it. Dark colors are generally more slimming, so opt for black, navy, or dark green clothing. Avoid overly loose or baggy clothing, as it will only make you look larger. Instead, go for fitted or semi-fitted clothes that skim your body without being too tight. Vertical stripes can also help to create the illusion of a slimmer figure. If you’re wearing a patterned top, choose one with small prints instead of large ones. And when it comes to accessories, a long necklace can help to draw the eye down and create the illusion of a longer, leaner silhouette. By following these style tips, you can help to camouflage your large belly and feel more confident in your appearance.


First off, fabric plays a big role in flattering your body. If a fabric is too thick or too stiff, it will add bulk. If it is too thin, it will cling to areas that you may not want to stick out. If it is shiny or embellished, attention will be drawn to that area. Avoid these around your midsection at all costs. Look for fabrics with a matte finish that skim over, but doesn’t cling to your tummy area. Good fabrics to watch for are wool gabardine, cotton, flat knits, and cotton blended with silk. Natural fibers are best. Lycra, used modestly, helps fabric fit the body perfectly, but stay under 5%.


Color can also be used to your advantage. It is no secret that dressing in a monochromatic fashion is slimming, but to those trying to camouflage their belly, it works wonders. If you choose a top that is in stark contrast to your pants, attention will be drawn to the point where the light meets the dark-the area you are most trying to disguise.

Most people also know that dark colors are more slimming than lights, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress head to toe in black. As long as you have a clean, unbroken vertical line, the effect will be slimming. The colors don’t have to be exact either. Try pairing two colors of the same family. Black and Charcoal Gray work well together, as do Hunter Green and Forest Green.

If you prefer a lot of color in your wardrobe, add pops of color to the features that you want to play up. If you have a slender neck, aim for a shirt with contrast piping on a deep v-neck to bring the focal point there. You can also experiment with textures from top to bottom to add dimension to your outfit. Try a silk shirt with a pair of tweed trousers to avoid looking boring.


In general, there are a few things that you will want to avoid wearing to conceal a belly bulge. Tops and dresses that are belted will draw the eye right to your torso. Intricate belts in bold colors, those with heavy embellishment or metal studs should also be avoided. Avoid anything that cinches at the waist and cropped tops. Avoid tops, pants, and skirts that have detailing or pockets around the waist area. Basically, you will want to keep the fabric line straight and clean around your waist to avoid drawing attention to it.

Types of Clothing To Conceal A Large Belly

Now, let’s go through clothing items one by one and cover what to avoid and what to look for.

1. Coats

When looking for a coat, again, avoid anything with outside pockets, such as flap or patch pockets. Steer clear of belted styles and anything double-breasted. A tailored straight cut or slight A-line shape is the ideal style. The length should fall below the widest part of the hip to create vertical length and a slimming effect. V-necks, which also create length, are a good option to draw attention upwards to the face and away from the tummy.

2. Blouses

Since the area you are trying to minimize is covered by the blouse, you will want to avoid blouses that have a lot of detail. Avoid anything that is very fitted or tightly fitting around your tummy area. Horizontal stripes are a definite no. Also, avoid fabrics with a bias cut (fabrics cut on a diagonal), as this style of cut is clingy. The best choice is a blouse that is semi-fitted, with a touch of Lycra, and a hemline falling below the waist. Don’t tuck your shirt in. Empire waist styles (waistlines just below the bust) are a wonderful tool in creating the illusion of a smaller waist. As with coats, a V-neck creates a nice slimming effect, drawing attention higher than the tummy.

3. Pants

Believe it or not, what you wear on the bottom can play just as much of a role in masking your tummy as your top. Look for pants with a flat front-no pleats-and a straight leg. Then, here are what shoes to wear with straight leg jeans

Styles without pockets are slimming because there is no added bulk. Avoid high-waisted styles as well as low-rise styles. The pants should sit slightly below your natural waistline for the most flattering fit. Choose a waistband that is less than one inch wide or styles with no waistband at all.

4. Skirts

As with pants, you will want to avoid pleated styles, darts, and front pockets. Avoid bias-cut fabrics here as well. Skirts with gathering or wrap styles are also unflattering. An A-line shape is universally flattering. Darker fabrics should be chosen unless you have slim hips and thighs. If that’s the case, then try a lighter skirt, as long as you are wearing a darker color on top. Opt for as little detail on the front of the skirt as possible. Try to find a skirt with closures either on the sides or in the back for the best effect.

5. Dresses

Dresses can be one of the hardest things to find that flatter a woman with a tummy. However, they are out there. Look for styles that don’t have a defined waist. Empire waist styles are very flattering as this style will call attention to the narrow part of the torso just under your bust. An A-line dress is also a pretty fail-safe choice in cut for most women. The goal is to find a dress that draws attention away from the midsection and to another part of the body that you are more comfortable with. If you have nice legs, choose a dress with an embellished hemline or slits.

To draw attention to the face and neckline, choose an open neckline or one that has detailing. Draped fabrics will look best, and gathered fabric should be avoided as they create bulk. Some wrap-style dresses are also flattering, but be sure the area that wraps falls under the best and not across the tummy area. The color of the dress should be monochromatic. If you prefer a print, choose a print that is consistent over the entire dress. This will prevent creating a focal point in one spot.

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By using these tricks, you can feel more confident in your appearance and avoid feeling self-conscious about your large belly.

With a little knowledge, a lot of patience, and a touch of luck, you can hide that belly bulge. You can avoid the discomfort of tugging at your clothes or standing with your arm across your belly. By following these simple guidelines, you can be confident in what you wear. Say goodbye to the insecurities of your tummy that plague you and your wardrobe, and wear your new clothes with confidence.

Style Tips To Conceal A Large Belly

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