The Best Clothing Styles For Hourglass Shape Bodies

hourglass shape

The hourglass shape is one of the most lauded female shapes there is. This female body type is noted for its slim waist and curvy bust and hips. And, fortunately for hourglasses, it’s one of the easiest feminine forms to dress. The most important thing for an hourglass to remember is to flaunt her curves and accentuate her waist.

Hourglass-shaped women have a well-defined waistline and hips that are about the same width. Their busts are also proportionate to their waists. If you have an hourglass body type, then you’re lucky because this is considered to be the ideal body type. You can pretty much wear any style of clothing and you’ll look great in it.

However, there are certain styles of clothing that will accentuate your hourglass shape and make you look even more gorgeous. Here are some of the best clothing styles for hourglass shape women:


An hourglass should look for tops that nip in at the smallest part of her waist. Wrap tops, button-down blouses, and fitted knit tops all fall into this category. The smallest part of the waist varies from hourglass to hourglass. For some women, it hits what’s known as the “natural waist”; for other women, the smallest part of their waist is actually around their ribcage. If the smallest part of your waist is at your ribcage, an empire waistline might be an option. Just remember to keep it from being too puffy around your midsection, or else it defeats the purpose of highlighting your waist)

Let’s face it. Hourglasses tend to be blessed with curves, and their busts are no exception. If you’re an hourglass, look for a V-shaped neckline or a boat neck. The plunging neckline further accentuates your curves. If you’re looking for work attire, make sure that the neckline is high enough where it covers most – – if not all your cleavage. It’s perfectly fine to let your collarbone show in most offices – – just remember to keep it appropriate.


When it comes to skirts, you should definitely go for ones that are fitted at the waist and flared at the bottom. This will help to accentuate your hourglass shape. Pencil skirts are also a great option for hourglass-shaped women. They hug your curves and give you a sexy, feminine look.

A-line skirts are ideal for the hourglass shape. They’re fitted tight at the waist and flair out to disguise the width of the hips. In other words, they exaggerate the hourglass shape while hiding any flaws. Full skirts (providing that the cut is modern) are also a great option for hourglasses. Slimmer hourglasses can even go for a pencil skirt. The result is an undeniably cool, retro aesthetic that brings to mind Old Hollywood starlets such as Marilyn Monroe or Jane Mansfield (both were very famous hourglasses).

Jeans and Trousers

If you want to wear pants, then you should definitely go for a pair that is fitted at the waist. This will help to create the illusion of an hourglass shape. You can also try wearing a blazer or jacket that is nipped in at the waist. This will give you a more structured look.

Jeans and trousers are tricky for the hourglass. But, again, the key is to balance out your shape while accentuating its desirable features of it. Check out this Quince review for styling inspiration. 

The tried and true jean cut for an hourglass is the boot cut. It’s more modern than flared jeans, but the extra width at the leg opening serves to balance out your hips. Slimmer hourglasses can even go for skinny jeans, providing that they make sure their top and shoes balance out the skin-tightness of the jean.

Work trousers are a little harder to shop for, as it’s often hard to find a large variety in shapes. Straight-legged trousers are a perfect option for hourglasses because they fall straight from the hips and go downward. If you’re worried about your hips being too wide, look for a trouser that has a slight flare at the leg to balance your figure out.

Casual Dresses

A perfect option for the hourglass shape is the ever-stylish wrap dress. The cut of the dress was obviously designed with the feminine shape in mind; the wrapping at the waist cinches in at your smallest point, the neck naturally comes to a (usually) modest V, and the skirt is typically A-line – – perfect for the hourglass figure.

Stick to dresses that nip in at the smallest part of your waist, and avoid slinkier styles like a T-shirt or baby doll dress.

As for the skirt of the dresses, again, ideally, the skirt should flare out for most hourglasses.

Formal Wear and Wedding Dresses

Many people suggest that a halter-style strap is perfect for the hourglass shape. However, this simply isn’t true for larger busted hourglasses; for them, the weight of the bust is so heavy that a halter strap would dig into the back of their neck pain.

Instead, the straps of a formal gown should be dependent on two things: your overall shape and your arms (and, by default, your shoulders).

The key to dressing an hourglass is to balance out her bust and hips while maintaining her tiny waist. Most straps work well for an hourglass; therefore, the type of strap should be dependent on her arms. Many hourglasses can go strapless or even wear spaghetti straps. If you’re worried about your arms, wrap a shawl around you or choose a modern long-sleeved ball gown. The possibilities are endless and entirely versatile.

A princess cut or an A-line cut is the perfect formal dress shape for an hourglass. It cinches in your waist and accentuates your voluptuous bust and hips. Steer clear of mermaid-style gowns, because they will exaggerate your hips too much and the overall appearance will be unbalanced.

Coats, Jackets, and Sweaters

When choosing outerwear, it’s important to remember that an hourglass is known for its bust size as well as its other exceedingly feminine attributes.

Avoid double-breasted coats and jackets at all costs, because they add bulk to your figure. The key is for the coat to compliment you as well as your clothing does. Choosing the wrong outerwear defeats the entire purpose of dressing for your shape.

Choose a coat with a single line of buttons down the middle. The best option would be a coat that ties in at the waist so that you can nip it in as much as you need to. Sadly, coats, in general, aren’t cut for the hourglass shape. If an hourglass buys a coat to fit her bust and hips, chances are, it’ll be way too big in the waist. By choosing a belted coat, you’re able to fit your bust and hips and still accentuate your little waist.

An hourglass should choose jackets that are nipped in at the waist. Avoid boxy cuts, because they go straight from your buts to your hips and hide your waistline. Instead, pick something that darts in around your middle, so that it cinches it in. The result is a feminine, classic flair.

Cardigans are a little tricky for an hourglass. The latest trends are for cardigans to be oversized; some are even open (without buttons) and fall in drapes down your front. This is great for other body shapes, but not for the hourglass. An hourglass should go for a cardigan that is, again, nipped in at the waist. When in doubt, go for a cropped version. Make sure that it hits at the smallest part of your waist to show it off. A belted cardigan is a great option.

Accessories and Shoes

An hourglass is lucky in that she gets to play heavily with accessories. The key is to avoid adding bulk to places where you’re already filled out.

Necklaces are great to play with because they draw attention to your bust. However, the key is to find the perfect balance between overly junky and too dainty. The same holds true for any other jewelry when it comes to the hourglass shape.

Another great option for hourglass-shaped women is to wear a belt. This will help define your waist and give you a more polished look. You can also try wearing dresses that have ruching or pleating around the waist. This will also help to accentuate your curves.

One of the most fun things about being an hourglass – – accessory-wise – – is that she gets to use belts a lot. Avoid low-slung belts that hit at your hips; also, avoid belting your jeans (unless they happen to be so big they’ll fall off otherwise). Instead, use belts to accentuate the smallest part of your waist. Use belts to nip in otherwise overly flowy tops and dresses; a wide belt is perfect for that and adds that undeniable 1950s flair to any outfit.

As with any body shape, it’s important for the hourglass to remember that her shoes should complement her clothing. This holds especially true when wearing skinny jeans; if you’re an hourglass, you’ll want to balance out the skinny jeans by wearing a junky pair of high-fashion wedges. Wearing chunky shoes with skinny jeans is the same concept as wearing flares to balance out your hips: the key is all about proportions. When an hourglass keeps her proportions in check, she can never go wrong.

Celebrities with Hourglass Shape Figures

There are many celebrities who have hourglass figures. Some of the most famous ones include:

  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Jessica Rabbit
  • Sofia Vergara
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Jane Mansfield
  • Beyonce Knowles
  • Christina Hendricks
  • Niecy Nash
Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce Knowles (wearing a Zac Posen Resort dress) at arrivals for Conde Nast MOVIES ROCK – A Celebration of Music in Film, The Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, December 02, 2007. Photo by: Michael Germana/Everett Collection

All of these celebrity women have curves in all the right places. They are considered to be some of the most attractive women in the world because of their proportions.


If you have an hourglass body type, then you should definitely show off your curves. You can do this by wearing fitted clothing that hugs your natural shape. Wrap dresses are also a great option for hourglass-shaped women. They accentuate your waist and give you a sexy, feminine look.

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