What NOT To Wear When Flying

What NOT to Wear When Flying

Packing for a trip can be overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to fit everything in one bag. But when it comes to clothes, there are certain items that should be avoided to pack and wear when flying.

What NOT to Wear When Flying

From being uncomfortable, to not fitting into airline policies, here are the clothing items you should never wear on a flight.


Designer jeans can be both fashionable and functional, but they don’t always make for a good choice of clothing on an airplane. They can often be stiff and uncomfortable, making them difficult for longer flights. Plus, depending on how tight or loose they are, they may not leave enough room for your legs to move around freely during the flight.

Tight-fitting jeans might seem like a comfortable go-to for flying, but experts suggest avoiding them. It is difficult to move around in them due to their tightness and could also affect blood circulation and increase your risk of developing blood clots. A better option would be breathable leggings or joggers that provide flexibility and freedom of movement throughout the flight. 

Tight Clothing

When shopping for pieces to bring along during your travels consider items made with lightweight fabrics such as cotton blouses or sweaters versus tight-fitted clothing like turtlenecks or leggings as these can make you feel claustrophobic mid-flight. And if you’re traveling somewhere tropical, maybe opt for linen material which is super light and airy—perfect for hot climates!

High Heels

High heels are not the best type of shoe to wear while flying. Not only can they cause discomfort while walking on hard surfaces through the airport, but they also take up unnecessary space in your carry-on bag. Additionally, high heels may become uncomfortable after sitting in one spot for an extended period of time during a long flight—especially if you’re stuck in coach with limited legroom!

A much more practical option would be slip-on flats or sandals since they take up less space, especially if you only pack underseat luggage. They will provide extra comfort while seated on the plane. Most flight attendants advise that you wear shoes that you can easily slip off during security check so you won’t keep other passengers waiting behind you.

Sleeveless Tops & Dresses

Sleeveless tops and dresses should also be avoided when boarding an aircraft due to their lack of warmth and coverage. While airports tend to be kept at cooler temperatures, airplanes can get quite chilly once airborne—especially when venturing across colder climates like northern Europe or Canada during wintertime! And you’re flying to New York, here’s what to wear in New York in winter.

If you’re looking for something stylish yet warm enough to keep out the plane’s chilliness, opt instead for cardigans or sweaters that offer more coverage than sleeveless tops or dresses. 

Heavy Jewelry

It’s best to leave any heavy jewelry at home while traveling since it’s likely going through airport scanners and machines that could damage it over time. Plus, because metal detectors are so sensitive these days it could draw unwanted attention from airport security personnel if set off by your jewelry. Instead of wearing heavy pieces that contain metal like earrings or necklaces, try wearing something with more subtle details—like faux pearls—that won’t set off the detector but will still make you look polished upon arrival at your destination.

What NOT To Wear When Flying


When it comes to dressing for a flight, comfort should always come first! Although some items of clothing might look fashionable for traveling by plane—jeans, high heels, sleeveless tops and dresses—they aren’t necessarily practical choices if comfort is your number one priority during your journey. So next time you fly somewhere far away from home why not try out these alternative clothing options we’ve suggested? Who knows – maybe those joggers will become your new favorite travel item after all! Happy travels!

P.S. If you are packing for and traveling with small children, be sure to verify which car seats you can use on a plane before heading to the airport. 

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