5 Items To Have in Your Bathroom For Guests


Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just having friends over for a night, preparing your bathroom for guests is an important part of making them feel comfortable and welcome. While the basics like clean towels and a stocked toilet paper roll are essential, there are also some extra items that you should consider adding to your bathroom to make your guests feel right at home.

5 Items To Have in Your Bathroom For Guests

So what should you have in your bathroom when guests come over? Let’s explore some items that are often overlooked but can make all the difference in making your guest’s experience a pleasant one.

1. Extra Towels and Washcloths

It may seem obvious, but having extra towels and washcloths on hand can be a lifesaver when you have unexpected company. If you don’t have enough towels for all of your guests, it can be awkward to ask them to bring their own. Having an extra set (or two!) of good-quality towels and washcloths ensures that everyone can freshen up without feeling uncomfortable. Make sure they are folded neatly in a basket or hung on a towel rack nearby so they’re easy to access.

2. Room Spray or Air Freshener

Having nice-smelling products on hand is essential for any guest bathroom. Room sprays and air fresheners come in handy if someone needs to freshen up after using the restroom, or if the room has been sitting unused for a while. Investing in some good-quality scented products will ensure that your bathroom smells great no matter who stops by!

3. Toiletries & Hygiene Products

Everyone forgets something from time to time—so why not provide toiletries like toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, etc., just in case? This is especially important if you’re traveling with someone who may not have access to these items while away from home. Having these items on hand can make all the difference in making your guests feel truly welcome and taken care of during their stay.

4. Fresh Flowers & Other Decorations

Fresh flowers are always a nice touch—they add color and life to any room! Pick out some seasonal flowers or plants that will look beautiful on display near the sink or tub area. Here’s a tip on how to make flowers last longer.

You could also put out some decorative hand soaps or other small decorations that match your overall aesthetic. Adding these small touches will show your visitors how much thought you put into their experience with you.

5. Bathroom Cleaner

Having a few bottles of cleaning supplies tucked away in the bathroom can help give your visitors peace of mind that everything is clean and fresh before they use it. Having bathroom wipes or spray cleaner on hand also allows you to quickly clean up any messes that may occur while they are there without having to leave the room and go find something else to do it with.


No matter how big or small the gathering is at your home, making sure your guest bathroom is ready with all of these essential items will help make every guest feel welcome and comfortable during their stay. From extra towels and washcloths to decorative touches like fresh flowers and candles, having these items ready ahead of time will take the stress off of entertaining while ensuring that everyone has what they need when they arrive. So go ahead—prepare yourself for unexpected company by stocking up on these must-have items today!

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