Fashion Tips For Women Over 50

women over 50

With women commonly living to a ripe old age, fashion catwalks this year sport a whole range of items suited to women over 50. The patterns of yesteryear are gone, and the new range of clothing takes into account the change of lifestyle many women are now experiencing. Many have careers. Many simply feel that they want to look as fashionable as their younger counterparts, and the nice thing is that today’s fashion allows for that.

In European countries, the over 50 range of clothing has been recognized as a wide range, and collections have sprung up in catalog and shop form to cater to the increasing need of the over 50s to buy fashionable clothing.

The things you need to know as an over 50 are mostly common sense, though this age range is more likely to have the problems associated with getting older. The waistline may not be as trim as it once was. The skin color changes and hair tone may be different, though if a woman sticks to the guidelines shown below, they really can out-dress the younger generation without looking like a “mutton dressed up as lamb.” The stigma has gone, though there are decided areas to avoid in dressing the part.

Honest Appraisal

Looking at what the established tastes are helping. A woman who knows what makes her look good will show certain confidence that experimental fashionistas may stumble over. The styles which fit nicely, and hide any bulges or body changes are the best type of items to buy. The confidence they give to the over 50 is startling. There aren’t limitations, but there are rules which apply to every age of the woman.

The over 50 need to look themselves squarely in the mirror and be honest about what their weak points are. Everyone has them. Dress in simple clothing, or even in underwear, and take a look at how the shape is changing. Decide which parts of the body are those which need to be camouflaged and which have not suffered too badly from the effects of gravity.

Unfortunately, the change in the skin’s firmness as one gets older is an inevitable one. Look for whether the underwear worn is creating ridges. It hurts a woman to admit she is a larger size. Many avoid it because they feel it is stigmatic. However, if the correct size bra is worn, all those ridges disappear, giving a much better appearance that doesn’t draw attention to weak areas.

List down strong points. These are as important as weak ones, as this guides those over 50 to choose clothing that highlights those areas they are proud of. Indeed an over fifty can certainly still have a great pair of legs, nice trim hips, or even a great bust-line.

Looking At The Current Wardrobe

Often, looking at the current wardrobe, women over 50 can be overwhelmed or daunted by the thought of changing style. However, it isn’t as difficult as one may imagine. Try the colors and styles that are available in the wardrobe, and discard those which are too frumpy. Just because you are over 50 doesn’t mean you have to dress in the “grandmother” style.

Society attitudes have changed and so has available fashion for this age range. By eliminating those styles which make you look older, and mixing and matching those which are still “becoming” you can get together a great wardrobe of stylish clothing.


As women over 50 get older, the same colors that suited you when you were younger may not look good anymore. Assess the shades available in the shops and try new colors you may not have thought of before. For example, this year the tendency is toward subtle autumnal colors, but you don’t have to be somber. These can be worn with a lighter shade of blouse or dressed up with accessories that add little hints of brightness to the outfit.

The colors which you choose need to suit your current hair color, and your skin tones, and not look out of place as an overall image. Try to avoid colors that startle, unless, of course, you have the figure for it, and look. It isn’t easy to pull off wearing bright colors as you get older, and often these look out of place.


When it comes to accessories, less is often more. A few well-chosen pieces can make a big impact without weighing down your look. A statement necklace or a bold bracelet can add a touch of personality to any outfit.

Do look at what’s available on the market. Those pantyhose which used to be in fashion aren’t anymore. The natural skin tone finishes are out of style for the autumn. Choose those which help to shape the legs, and look great blending with the colors of your outfit. Great legs in warm tights can look wonderful and less obtrusive than those flashing white skin.

Look at the range of scarves and necklaces available, as these too will be used more as you get older. The idea is to distract the eye, and also to enhance colors that may look dull. A great brooch correctly placed adds a touch of class to an otherwise bland outfit. You can never tell until you try the whole ensemble whether this is going to work or not, so it’s important to try accessories with the garments you choose for.

Skirt Lengths And Jackets

Skirt lengths this year are longer and more elegant. It’s important to buy skirts the length which suits you, and if you are short, avoid wearing skirts too long. It’s a better idea to choose a skirt for the cut of the skirt, rather than the length, and to pay, if necessary, to have a garment altered so it is tailored to your look, rather than wearing overly lengthy items, when your legs are short.

Jackets are a great cover-up item. These dress up an outfit in style. Choose colors that are subtle so that you have more choice as to what outfit to wear with them. The kind of colors which work well for jackets are subtle blues, black, brown, or very neutral colors. If you have a great figure, you can get away with lighter shades, as these bring emphasis to the upper part of the torso.

One of the best fashion tips for women over 50 is to invest in a few key pieces that can be worn multiple ways. A great pair of black pants, a white blouse, and a black cardigan are essential items that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Another great tip is to always keep a light jacket or scarf on hand. This can be used to cover up any outfit that may feel too revealing or to simply add an extra layer of warmth on a chilly day.


The only word of warning to the over 50 is to wear shoes that are comfortable. It’s more important as you get older that you don’t add the struggle of wearing uncomfortable shoes to the dilemma of getting older. When it comes to shoes, comfort is key. Opt for a pair of flats or low heels that you can wear all day without having to worry about your feet.


Finally, don’t forget the power of makeup. A little bit of foundation, concealer, mascara, and lipstick can go a long way in making you look and feel your best. Experiment with different shades and products to find what works best for you.

Women over 50 need to amend their beauty routine to take into account the changes in their skin condition, and hair color and also to adjust their thinking on makeup. The main mistake older women make is being stuck in a rut using the same makeup colors. In the over 50s this can look hackneyed, and make the skin look even older. Experiment. Ask a beautician at the salon the colors they would recommend. Avoid black eyeliner and mascara and try softer colors that look less harsh with fading skin colors.


The over 50 isn’t old these days. Choose a good range of mix and match clothing, and try the new styles of t-shirts as the different lengths and necklines available give great choice these days. The other thing which is current fashion is to layer items. If you have a long-sleeved t-shirt that is fairly formal, wrap up with a snappy cardigan or jacket, or even another t-shirt in a style that looks great with the long-sleeved item. The glory of fashion this fall is that the choices are amazing, and mean that you can tailor the look to your own requirements, looks and size.

With a bit of thought, there is no need for the over 50s to be out of style. At a time in their lives when their children have left the nest, it’s time to remember who they are and treat themselves, and celebrate the wonders of womanhood. Stepping out in style is the mode for the older woman, and makes her feel younger and more vibrant. The shops await, but go prepared and measured, and be prepared to try new things.

With these fashion tips for women over 50, you’ll be looking fabulous at any age!

Fashion Tips For Women Over 50

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