Get The Look: Soft Girl Nails

soft girl nails in pastel colors

Have you seen the soft girl nails trend all over social media? This look is all about pastel colors, intricate patterns, and a few special effects. It’s taken Instagram by storm and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Let’s take a closer look at this trend and figure out how to get the look.

What Does The Trend Look Like?

The soft girl nail trend is all about pastel colors—think pink, baby blue, light purple, etc.—along with some intricate designs. You’ll often see hearts, stars, chevrons, or other creative patterns on these nails. To top off the look, a lot of people add rhinestones or glitter for an extra bit of sparkle. All these elements come together to form a beautiful and delicate aesthetic that looks great in photos.

Coquette nails
Source: overglowed / Instagram

The coquette nails trend goes hand in hand with the soft girl nail trend and is all about embracing playful and flirtatious nail designs. Characterized by whimsical patterns, pastel shades, and intricate nail art, coquette nails add a touch of femininity and charm to your manicure, allowing you to express your playful side with nail designs that range from dainty florals to delicate lace and sparkles, perfect for those who want to make a statement with their nails.

Why Is It Having A Moment?

The soft girl trend has been around for a while now and is one of the more popular short nail designs. It just recently had its moment in the spotlight as more people started embracing its delicate beauty. Since it’s also relatively easy to pull off (at least compared to other nail trends), more people have been trying it out and sharing their creations on Instagram and other social media platforms. That’s why it’s had such explosive growth in popularity lately!

What Products Do You Need To DIY This Trend?

To create soft girl nails yourself, you’ll need several basic items like base coat, top coat, cuticle oil, and polish remover alongside some special supplies like nail stickers/decals or rhinestones/glitter to decorate your nails with. Make sure you pick up some pastel polishes too; those are essential for getting that classic Soft Girl look!

What Steps Can You Take To DIY This Trend?

Once you have all your supplies ready to go, here are the steps you can take to recreate this manicure trend at home:

  1. Start by trimming and filing your nails into desired shapes and lengths then apply base coat and let dry.
  2. Apply two coats of pastel polish on each finger then let dry completely before moving onto the next step.
  3. Begin adding decorative elements like stickers or rhinestones/glitter onto each nail (if desired).
  4. Seal everything in place with a generous amount of top coat then let everything dry completely before adding cuticle oil around your fingertips (optional).
  5. Enjoy your new look! Don’t forget to snap some pics too!


The soft girl nail trend is definitely having its moment right now so if you’re looking for something fun yet elegant to try out on your nails this season then this could be what you’ve been searching for! Soft girl nails are also a great idea for classy birthday nails if you’re headed to a birthday party. 

With just a few simple steps and supplies from your local beauty store (or online!), you can easily recreate this stunning look at home – no salon trip required! So go ahead – give it a shot today!

Soft Girl Nails

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