How To Choose Clothing That Won’t Rapidly Go Out Of Style

How To Choose Clothing That Won't Rapidly Go Out Of Style

Anyone can open a fashion magazine and dress accordingly. And they do, despite haute couture knock-off clothing not exactly being appropriate attire for running through town on a chucking-it-down Saturday in May. And said clothing goes out of style next season.

I’d rather be the girl dressed in clothing she knows suits her than the gal decked out in the entire mismatched spring collection of a very posh designer that is already out of style. Course we all enjoy a spot of high-class clobber, but knowing where to draw the line will take you from SadGirlClone to StylishSuperFox!

First, dig your assets. Do you have a gorgeous Bettie Page curvy waist? The best-shaped arms ever? Legs that go on till next Tuesday?

When you’ve selected the things that make you an aesthetic stunner you can work on emphasizing them. Because what’s the point of harboring the world’s best kneecaps under giant flaring designer jeans!

It can sometimes be hard to ferret out what suits you, especially as there are so many clothes available. The first thing you need to do when a garment catches your eye is feel it, because the fabric, quite literally, makes the clothing. And anything shiny stretchy or made entirely of elastic won’t do justice to big lovely boobs.

You also need to look at the cut. Will those cropped jeans do anything for my chicken legs, or will a full pair give shape to my pins?

If you’re unsure of how anything looks on you, take pictures. Not camera-above-the-head-eyes-big-look-innocent, a proper full-length photo of yourself in your outfit. This way you’ll be able to properly assess which items you’re a knock-out in, and which need to be charity donated, pronto.

If you still find yourself daunted by cuts and colors and can’t find what looks right, make a list of the clothing styles you know don’t work for you, and make notes as to why. For example:

  • T-Shirts – Boobs are too big so t-shirts give an awful ripple across chest
  • Narrow leg trousers – Makes thighs look like chunky chips and legs look about 4 inches long
  • Pale colors – Drains face, gives the vague appearance of death (except when super tanned, then bring on the creamy shades)

If you keep this list super safe, the notes you make on it will prove invaluable in the event of weight gain, weight loss, super tanning, plastic surgery, losing a limb, and so on and so forth.

A person with style knows what suits them and will without a doubt find every aspect of their lives improved because of the confidence gained whilst dressing to kill! Any person with a catalog or magazine subscription knows is what’s in fashion.

Basically, if you wear clothing that flatters your shape and puts the spotlight on your fabulous bust/arms/neck, you can’t go wrong. A designer piece is all well and good as long as you like it for what it is, and not the celebrity endorsement attached to it.

And remember, a SadGirlClone hath no mind of thy own, but a StylishSuperFox forever shall tick the box.

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