9 Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid

Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid

It doesn’t require a fortune to be dressed correctly, and it only takes a little common sense to avoid these fashion mistakes and put together an outfit that is acceptable for any occasion.

Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid

Taking a little time planning your wardrobe and dressing will keep you from making some of these common fashion mistakes.

1. Failure To Check Out The Rear View

Standing in front of a mirror to check out how you look isn’t vanity, it’s good sense. But all too often we fail to realize that people see us from the side and back as well as the front. A quick glance to make sure the rear view is just as nice as the front only takes a few seconds and lets you know there are no ripped or pulled seams, spots on your clothing, or a missed rat’s nest in your hair.

2. Worn Out Shoes

Dirty, scuffed toes, worn heels, and walked-over shoes will ruin the best of outfits. Polish away those scuff marks, get worn soles redone, and wear a corrective insert in your shoe to stop the sides from running over. If you have problems breaking in new shoes then buy well-made classic styles and take care of them.

3. Wrinkled Or Stained Clothing

Nothing excuses wrinkled or stained clothing, especially underarm stains. It’s too easy to launder today’s fabrics and a light touch-up with an iron will remove any wrinkles left when they come out of the dryer. Or spray some wrinkle remover spray that works almost as good (and faster) than ironing. If a stain won’t come out of your favorite shirt, dye it or toss it.

4. Knock You Out Perfume

Perfume should never announce your arrival; it should simply leave a light, wafting fragrance behind you. Nothing will leave you a lonely wallflower as quickly as drenching yourself in a loud perfume. Remember, what smells good to you may actually stink to others.

Sometimes designer perfume dupes smell the exact same as the original, but the scent is not as overwhelming. Plus they are a fraction of the cost, so they are a win-win no matter how you look at it!

5. Too Much Makeup

Caked on mascara and polka-dot cheeks went out of style years ago as did gobs of eyeliner and eye-shadow unless you work in films. Subtlety is the name of the game today. Don’t overpower your good features with overdone make-up or try too hard to change who you are. Just enhance your good points and leave it at that.

6. Bad Manicures

Your hands say a lot about you and chipped nails or polish, too long or ragged nails say you don’t care about yourself. If you don’t have time to keep them perfectly polished, then just file your nails nicely and skip the polish. No polish is much better than chipped polish.

7. Inappropriate Dress For The Occasion

Pajama bottoms are fine for lounging around the house but at the mall, school, and most social gathering places it’s just bad taste.

It’s the same with sexy clothing, tee-shirts with off-color text, funky shoes, and wild hairdos in the workplace (unless you work in a club). Work calls for dressing to present a persona that doesn’t disrupt or draw the wrong kind of attention your way.

8. Too Much Flesh Revealed

Boobs, butts, and bellies need to be covered unless you are at the beach or ready for bed. It never makes a good statement when too much flesh is revealed; rather it marks you as tasteless and desperate to be noticed. There’s nothing wrong with a little cleavage but when nothing is left to the imagination it’s too much or rather not enough.

9. Wearing Bad Fad Clothing

Muffins are good for breakfast but not hanging over your jeans. Unless you are blessed with a near-perfect shape, leave the low riders on the rack.

If you choose to hang out with your pants down around your knees and your boxers showing, it’s your business but remember this: Fads come and go but photos of you dressed this way will endure forever and make you cringe every time they surface in the future. No one can relax around you for worrying your pants will fall down.

Take the time to people watch and make a note of the fashion mistakes you notice. Then remember these things when dressing and make sure are never guilty of these common fashion mistakes.

Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid

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