How To Be Happy With The Body You Have And Love Yourself

How To Be Happy With The Body You Have And Love Yourself

People are constantly bombarded by the media’s version of the “perfect body.” But, what many people don’t immediately realize is that these so-called perfect bodies are only perfected through the use of computers and camera lenses. Because of this, people should stop worrying about what their bodies look like compared to others. You should learn how to be happy with the body that you have and love yourself.


In psychological analyses, acceptance is one of the first steps that one must take in order to fix a situation. The idea of acceptance encompasses many facets, one of them being realization. Realization must come before acceptance, and in the case of accepting one’s own body, realization that there is no one perfect body is the key to success.

Many people have their own standards of beauty. In fact, every culture and every country in the world has its own standards of beauty. In the United States, those standards rarely change. Tall, often blonde, bombshells with large chests are often hailed as the picture of beauty. But, who can ever live up to this standard, if this standard occurs very rarely in life? And, who is to say that that should be the universal standard of beauty? Can’t brown eyes be beautiful? Can’t short people be beautiful?

Realization often means that you have to see reality for what it is. Know that Photoshop is used. Know that the camera effectively erases most blemishes. Know that the celebrities you see have millions of dollars that can be spent towards trying to achieve the ideal of beauty. Once you have realized these things, you are more open to accepting yourself and your body.

I definitely have body issues, but everybody does. When you come to the realization that everybody does that—even the people that I consider flawless—then you can start to live with the way you are.

Eat Well, Exercise Daily

The key to feeling good about yourself is to know that you are treating yourself well. If you have ever come out of a spa feeling refreshed and satisfied with yourself, you will know what it means to treat yourself well. Eating healthy is one of the ways that you can feel naturally beautiful. And, if you exercise at least thirty minutes a day, you will feel good about your body. And, feeling good is one of the first steps to accepting your body.

Mirrors And Scales

If we can take at least one lesson from Greek mythology, it would be from the story of Narcissus. He found a pool of water, saw his own reflection, and fell in love with himself. When he tries to kiss himself, he drowns. Now, if we were to look in mirrors and fall in love with ourselves (but not to the extent that Narcissus did, of course), we would all be better off. We must learn to use mirrors positively, not to check our flaws.

Scales should be treated similarly. Use them in a positive way to guide your weight loss or weight maintenance. Do not use it to berate yourself. Do not use a scale more than three or four times a month (once a week is fine).

Stop trying to fix your body. It was never broken.

If you follow these few pieces of advice, you may find yourself starting to love your body more and more. And, not only that, but you will no longer let the media dictate how your body should be.

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