How To Dress So That You Look Taller

Wearing Christian Louboutin high heel stiletto black boots with black pants to make you look taller

There’s nothing wrong with being short. But if you are a bit vertically challenged and want to dress to create a little bit of height enhancement, there’s nothing wrong with that either. Dressing to look taller can help women of any height achieve that coveted long-and-lean look that is considered so flattering by today’s standards. Follow these tips for how to dress to look taller.

Create An Unbroken Line On The Legs

When you add lines across your legs that visually chop them off, you look squatter. Choosing styles that are straight and lean all the way down your legs helps to create a single long line, which can help you look taller. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to match the color of your tights to the shoes that you are wearing. That way, a style that might otherwise stop at the ankle continues all the way to the floor. Straight-leg blue jeans or skinny jeans (if you have a slim figure) are also ways to achieve this technique.

Add Inches

Wearing high heels will make you look taller because – well – they will set you up taller than you normally are. Try to choose varieties that do not have straps across the ankle, as these can have that dreaded effect of chopping off your leg line. In addition to choosing heels in a similar color to your pants or tights, one way to elongate your legs with your shoes is by choosing a pointy toe shoe. The pointy toe adds an inch or so to the end of your leg line, creating a longer, leaner, taller effect.

How To Dress So That You Look Taller

Create Vertical Interest

Anything that helps move the eye along your frame vertically will help you appear taller. This can be as blatant as vertical stripes if you want, but it doesn’t have to be. More subtle details like vertical stitching, lines in the center of jeans legs, and vertical detailing such as piping can have the same effect.

Choose The Correct Hems

Part of looking taller is about creating a tall proportion on your body. If the hem of your skirts or dresses is too long, not as much of your leg will show below the hem. When not much leg shows, it can seem as if your legs are shorter than they are, simply because there isn’t as much of them in view. For most women, the most flattering hem length is somewhere between just above the knee to just below the knee – showing too much leg isn’t good, either.

When you know how to dress your body to create a long and lean silhouette, you don’t have to worry about whether you shop in the petite section or not.

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