How To Care For Leather Shoes

How To Care For Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are expensive, so you want to get the most wear you can out of them. Don’t scuff them up and then throw them out. Rejuvenate the life of your old leather shoes and wear them for a while longer. Here are some pointers for rejuvenating old leather shoes:

Keep your old leather shoes clean.

Leather is a durable material, and you can wipe leather shoes clean with warm water and a soft cloth. Refrain from using soap, as this may damage the leather and fade the coloring.

Add new life to your old leather shoes.

Make sure that you don’t leave the leather in your old shoes in a thirsty state. Treat your leather shoes to a regular drink of emollient by shining them with saddle soap.

Saddle soap helps clean any dirt and grime left behind and replenishes the moisture in your old leather shoes. Once you’ve finished giving your old leather shoes a good polish, be sure to buff the excess saddle soap off to achieve the best possible shine.

Store your old leather shoes with care.

New or old, leather shoes deserve enough attention to not leave them out in the cold. Harsh weather and harsh temperatures can cause the leather to shrink up, creating less of a fit for your feet.

Too, harsh weather and harsh temperatures can damage the leather and the stitching, so take proper care of your leather shoes and bring them inside after you take them off. If your leather shoes are covered in mud, clean this off, as well, to avoid damage.

Stretch out your old leather shoes.

If you’ve already made the mistake of leaving your old leather shoes out in the harsh weather, chances are that they’ve drawn up. It’s not too late to re-shape these leather shoes, though.

Just moisten the outside of your leather shoes with some type of emollient (saddle soap or other) and wear for short periods of time until these shoes stretch back out. Water works much the same way but poses risk to your feet. Plus, the leather can eventually draw back up, so it’s better to use an emollient, rather than water.

Polish your old leather shoes with shoe polish. Once your old leather shoes become too scuffed for an emollient alone to revive them, try following up the emollient treatment with a good shoe polish. Be sure to choose a polish that matches the shoe color for the best results.

These different treatments can help revive even the worst pair of old leather shoes, so think twice before you throw out your old leather shoes. These shoes likely have a second life in them just waiting to happen. All it takes is a little time and attention to rejuvenating your old leather shoes.

How To Care For Leather Shoes

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