Best Ways To Protect Your Hair In Cold Weather

Best Ways To Protect Your Hair In Cold Weather

Some women’s crowning glory can also be their worst nightmare and with the arrival of winter, bad hair days can be a reoccurring nightmare. With sub-zero temperatures, wind, snow, and ice, hair has to put up with frost, being blown in all directions or being shoved under a hat. Those who want to be kind to their hair should perhaps look at the following hair care tips for cold weather.

The first thing to do is to buy some quality shampoo and conditioner. You may be fooled by the products you see advertised on TV and in magazines, promising you shiny, smooth, silky locks, but they don’t fool your hair. Wax build-up is what you will end up with by using inferior products. Much better to choose organic shampoo and conditioner, you will see and feel the difference in no time.

Lay off the use of mousses, gels, and serums. They too may promise to transform your hair in the kind of locks you always wanted, but remember that all those products’ basic ingredient is alcohol and alcohol dries out hair.

If you want to pamper your hair and combat dryness, frizz, or general unmanageability, give your hair a mask. There is no need to rush to the store, just go to your kitchen. You can use a couple of raw beaten eggs, a scoop of mayonnaise, or a generous helping of olive oil. Whichever product you prefer, leave it on for at least half an hour and then give your hair a good wash.

Never use hot water though; your hair and scalp hate hot water. Cool or at best warm water is much kinder to your hair and scalp.

While it is not recommended to go out in the cold with wet hair, try giving your hairdryer and flatiron a miss whenever possible. Your hair already has a lot to put up with in winter, you do not want to add to its stress by exposing it to hot elements. And who knows, you may just rediscover the beauty of your naturally dried hair. If you have to blow dry, select the coolest setting. Reaching the desired hairstyle may take a little longer, but your hair will thank you for it.

When going out, prevent your hair from being whipped around and ending up in a multitude of knots by putting it up in a ponytail or bun.

When covering your hair with a woolen hat, be sure that the hat is not too tight. Give your hair some space to breathe. Just like you don’t like to be constricted in a too-tight sweater, neither does your hair like to be trapped under a too-tight hat. Once indoors, take the hat off, in warmer temperatures your scalp may sweat, leaving your hair greasy and limp.

If, despite your best effort, you find that your hair is dry and unmanageable, consider placing a humidifier in the room.  Not only will you breathe easier, but your hair and skin will also benefit from this touch of moisture in the air.

Remember that having beautiful hair in winter requires a little give and take. If you give your hair the best care, you will be able to take pride in it.

Best Ways To Protect Your Hair In Cold Weather

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