Bohemian Style: Boho Fashion Tips For 2023

boho style

We all have a wild side, a side of us that wants to rebel and show itself in a Bohemian style. Even from the most conservative of dressers, that Bohemian that lurks within is easier to create and display than you might think. There is no need to be outrageous, though a little hint of the Bohemian can enhance any outfit, and give you a stylish look that is personalized and a little more interesting than a standard fashion style.

The Bohemian look started in the sixties, with people rebelling against the standards of the time and creating a new look that was startling. A look that was a little too much in contrast with society’s expectations. These days, of course, people are much more open-minded about the individual ways that people present themselves. With a little thought and practice, the Bohemian look can enhance your stronger points and hide the weaker ones.

The mirror test

Taking a look in the mirror and being honest is the first place to start. Look at body shape and the areas that you want to draw attention away from. Large hips, large breasts, aging neck area, and large thighs are all areas that can be disguised quite well with Bohemian style, without looking outrageous. Look for those areas you want to highlight.  As with all weak areas, people have their own individual strengths and these can be highlighted to make them look more complete.

Hips and waistline

If these are weak areas, the Bohemian look can help them by simply adding a vest or waistcoat in a hippy or Indian-embroidered style. The look becomes longer, the waist is hidden and the side view of the body is elongated to look more flowing and less stunted.

Large breasts

If your breasts are oversized, the Bohemian style can still work for you, although avoid those blouses with frills or any style of blouse that accentuates the bust-line and makes it look bigger.

For those Bohemians that want to draw attention away from the bust, try balancing out the look by wearing Indian cotton skirts that have plenty of width without actual flair. The ideal kind is those skirts that are made of wrinkled cotton and have an element of embroidery; this always draws the eyes away from the bust-line area of the body. These can be worn with plain T-shirts and topped off with a nice embroidered vest that goes with the look and creates height.

Shoes that work well with ladies that have large breasts are those shoes that add height. The Bohemian style can be enhanced with either heeled boots in the winter or heeled sandals in the summer. Adding the extra height needed to carry off those longer below-the-knee skirts will make the whole image of the body look longer.

Strong facial features

Here, if you have a very pretty face, the bandanna really does add to the Bohemian look and can be worn around the hair tied at the back. This gives the face extra exposure and adds to the Bohemian style.

boho fashion

Large shoulders

Large shoulders can be made to look smaller by using scarves that draw attention to the neckline rather than the shoulders themselves. Bright colored beads also have the same effect and can be worn with darker shades of clothing that are discreet and are brightened up with accent colors, rather than too much color in the clothing itself.

Long hair

If you are fortunate enough to have long hair, this really can be a strength with the Bohemian look, as you can use dangling earrings effectively to highlight Bohemian style. There are many available now on the market that is relatively light to wear. You can add to the style by the addition of bracelets to match.


The make-up that adds to the Bohemian look is more natural and less formal, and may suit those with great skin. The Bohemian races come from a part of Europe where clothing traditionally was made of natural but colorful materials, with braided edges and splashes of color, doesn’t need much enhancement with make-up. The subtle blush, the tiny bit of eye shadow, and the henna-colored hair can all be incorporated into the Bohemian look very successfully, indeed.

Where to find Boho clothing

There are many websites that supply Bohemian clothing, though among these come different perceptions of what Bohemian actually is. Ranging from environmentally friendly hemp and natural materials associated with a hippy look, the Bohemian clothing style has been taken to almost ridiculous lengths and breadths by people’s interpretation of what Boho is.

On some sites, traditional outfits have been remodeled to give a newer look, though the real Bohemian styles of smocks and flowing clothing in linens can still be found on many websites. They have a great range of clothing to suit all shapes and sizes; the most worthy of which are the styles of skirts that not only add to the Bohemian look but also incorporate today’s ideas of fashion

Having searched the Internet for this kind of clothing, one of the most successful places to buy new clothing has been eBay, where a search using the word Boho reveals many choices. Wild Roots Geneva and Free People also have many authentic and interesting designs that can be incorporated into your wardrobe and worn with clothing you already have to make the style of the Bohemian shine. They have a great range of skirts, tops, and other accessories for the Bohemian that hides within.

Experimentation is the best way forward, and being aware of your weaknesses, strengths, and using color and style to bring out the gypsy wildness that each one of us has.

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