Are European Women More Stylish?

european woman

“Location, location, location”!

No truer words have been spoken, especially when it comes down to the fashion world. For some women, fashion is the coveted jewel that adorns the body. Having access to the newest fashion trends, sooner than others, in the fashion world can make women appear more sophisticated and glamorous. Is this the key to European beauty and style, the location to fashion’s capitals?

European women seem to be in the know a lot sooner than others, they walk around in their Stella McCartney, Chanel, and Versace while women from other countries wait in anticipation. They sport the newest hairdos and wear the latest makeup. They ooze fashion from their pores. Does this make them more beautiful and stylish, or just fortunate enough to live in a country where fashion rules and is one of the words young girls learn from infancy?

Regardless of their location, European women do seem to present themselves fresher and more natural than their other countries’ sisters. Opting to wear their fashions less flamboyantly and refined adds to the image of European women. Not to say flashy fashion doesn’t have its place in European women’s closets, just out in public where cameras rule and fashion police reside, European women do set the trend.

Regardless of who is wearing the latest in the fashion world or who appears the most beautiful or stylish depends on, who can afford to purchase it. Money goes a long way in grooming oneself to be a fashion maven! No matter if you live in Europe where fashion gets its start, or if you live in the States where fashion is celebrated just as much, money is the answer to beauty and style.

Most women draped in the softest of silks, cashmere, organza, or pashmina scarves exude loveliness and class. No matter if it is fine wool or knitwear, a woman can look smart and well put together. It isn’t a certain class of women who appear beautiful and stylish, it’s how the woman wears the fashion that gives her that certain sophisticated glow.

Granted European women have an advantage living so close to Paris and Milan, but anyone with patience and money can soon be wearing the latest of fashions and be just as beautiful and stylish. While European women might have an advantage when it comes to being first in line to wear the fashions sooner, any woman can be just as stylish if she put effort into how she presents herself when it comes to fashion.

Are European Women More Stylish

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