How To Dress So That You Look Slimmer

How To Dress So That You Look Slimmer

Looking your best isn’t just about being thin. Finding the right clothes for your body is what can make all the difference. Even a thin person can look disproportionate or shapeless if they don’t wear the right clothes for their body.

Wear the Right Undergarments

People often overlook what undergarments to wear when getting dressed, but they can make the biggest difference. Nowadays there is undergarment wear which can make you look a size smaller! These are great not only because they can make you look thinner, but because they create a smooth appearance, as they mask most rolls or dimples.

slimming Undergarments

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As well, depending on what you wear your undergarments will also change. It’s important you find the right size bras and underwear because nothing looks worse than a bra that’s obviously too small, or underwear that’s too big and which makes you look saggy under your clothes.

Wear The Right Size

The most important thing when buying clothes is to make sure that you’re buying the right size. People often have the misconception that if they have a larger size, which fits baggier on them, it will hide their “imperfections”, but the problem with this is that the bagginess of the clothing makes a person look larger and shapeless.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are people who buy clothing in sizes smaller than they should, because they feel more confident knowing that they fit into a size 8, as opposed to a size 10, even if they had to squeeze themselves into it. The problem with this is that clothing that is too tight often creates rolls and makes any “flaws” more visible. When trying to find the right size, clothing should fit comfortably.

Don’t be embarrassed buying plus size clothing! The average American woman today is size 16-18, so you are not plus size, you are average!

If an item of clothing feels like it’s squeezing you somewhere, then chances are that it’s too small for you, or that type of clothing isn’t made for your body shape, as well if you feel that you can do jumping jacks in a clothing article, then chances are it’s too big of a size for you. No matter what size you wear or what body type you have, you should feel confident enough to wear clothing that fits and shows off your body.

Accessorize Appropriately

Accessories are a great way to make a nice outfit look amazing, but you have to know how to accessorize because not all accessories are created equal. Someone who is top-heavy should avoid wearing necklaces that are layered or that are really chunky because it only adds unnecessary weight.

People who are heavier on the top, on the other hand, can wear heavier necklaces, which can add bulk and make them look more proportionate. As well, people who are heavy around the waist should avoid wearing big belts which draw attention to the region. Top-heavy people should avoid big scarves at all costs, however, scarves are great for bottom-heavy people.


Footwear is important because it either elongates or shortens one’s legs. Heels work great for all women, even tall ones. Heels without any strap around the ankle are great for shorter women because it doesn’t break up the leg and rather makes the leg appear as though it continues past the ankle. On the other hand, taller women who might not want their legs to look too long can benefit from heels with a strap around the ankle, which adds a break and stops the legs from looking any longer than they are.

heels make you look slimmer

Pay attention to your body type and really look in the mirror when you’re getting dressed. You will see if something is or isn’t working for you. And don’t get caught up in your flaws as most people do. Everyone has many great assets, and you shouldn’t be shy about playing up those assets. The right clothes and some confidence are all you need to look your best.