Appropriate Shoe Styles For The Office

gray suede ballet flats and light pink high heel pumps that are appropriate for the office

Put your best foot forward! I’m sure you’ve heard the quote by Austin Keon: Dress for the position you WANT, not the position you HAVE now. That’s the cardinal rule for work attire, including shoes.

Dress for the position you WANT, not the position you HAVE now

First and foremost, any office footwear must be clean and kept in first-class condition. Scuffed-up shoes are a definite no-no. Torn straps and broken laces should be tossed. Just like a proper handshake, a presentable pair of shoes can go a long way towards improving those important first impressions.

Shoe Style

Look around your workplace. What are the top executives wearing on their feet? Of course, you want to be original, but you don’t want to be an oddball, either.

Sexy is good, but not in the office. A corporate suite is not the place for peekaboo shoes, stiletto sandals, and towering platforms.

If you want to be treated as a professional, instead of a Washington, DC, intern, then you will want to dress the part. A smart staffer will know how to mix fashion and function. It is certainly possible to be trendy without being trashy.

Shoe Safety

Your choice of footwear may be determined, to a great extent, by the nature of your work. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you spend time on the factory floor? If so, then closed-toed safety shoes may be needed.
  2. Do you have to do a lot of walking during the day? If so, then comfortable shoes are key.
  3. Are you on your feet for several hours at a time? If so, then super-high heels are probably out of the question.

Ask any up-and-comer, and you will hear something like this: Choose proper footwear, so you can be fine, not frumpy.

Shoe Sound

Test-drive your footwear on a wood or tile floor. Do your heels go clickety-clack? Consider adding heel softener pads. Do your shoes make a shuffling sound when you walk? Perhaps it’s time to lose the mules or scuffs and purchase a pair of grownup shoes.

Fashionable and functional footwear is available to fit your feet and your finances. Shop around a bit, in-person or online, and you will find many suitable options. Comfortable classic shoes are always a good choice.

For more “shoe news”, check out WearEnthusiast, a fashion blog founded by Jason J. Dorsey, which contains a great source of footwear related information.

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