How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup: 9 Skincare Tips

How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup

Day in and day out, women are pressured to look their best. Pat this on, blend that in, smudge here, and blot there. At the end of the day, wipe it all off and criticize the imperfections that magically appear without the cover of makeup.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to roll out of bed, take care of the basics, and go to school or work without people commenting about how you look sick? Nicely done makeup will always enhance your features, but by taking good care of your body, you can minimize the difference between your natural makeup versus your natural beauty.

1. Drink Lots Of Water

You’ve heard it before and it’s still true. Dehydration leads to flaky, ashy, rough skin; stay hydrated and not only will you feel better, but your skin will look and feel noticeably healthier.

2. Moisturize

Even with a high water intake, your skin needs help sometimes. Give it a boost by finding a nice moisturizer that you can apply throughout the day as needed and before bed.

3. Exfoliate

You don’t need to take a sandblaster to your face, but a gentle exfoliant will help remove dead skin cells from your body and allow it to reveal the natural glow of new skin underneath. Do you really want all that garbage on your face? Of course not!

4. Exercise

It’s not just for weight loss! Good circulation improves your health, and the outside of your body will reflect what’s happening inside. Nicer hair, smoother skin, stronger nails, and overall improved health are worth any time you can take out of your day to get that blood flowing!

5. Start And Finish With A Clean Palette

If you wear makeup, remember to start with a fresh face and get it all off before bed. You don’t want leftover makeup clogging pores and causing pimples!

6. Change Pillowcases Regularly

If you struggle with acne, try switching your pillowcase more often. You rub your face on it all night long, so why wouldn’t you want it to be clean? It’s something that is often overlooked but it can make a world of difference to the quality of your skin.

7. Be Gentle

When you’re putting on or removing makeup, remember to take it easy on your skin, especially around the eyes. Pulling, tugging, and rubbing can take a toll on the elasticity of your skin and you don’t want that. The nicer your treat your skin, the better it will look without makeup.

8. Stop Nitpicking

You there, right now, get your hands off your face! Picking at pimples irritates the skin and introduces new bacteria from your hands to your face. If you struggle with more acne than the occasional zit, also try to keep your hair away from your face, especially if you use any styling products.

9. If You Can Go Natural, Do It

When you’ve got a day to lounge around at home, you have a perfect opportunity to give your face a break from any makeup you normally use. Give it a good wash and let it spend the day naked and free! If you have to go out but are torn between a clean face or your usual makeup, compromise and do the bare minimum that you feel comfortable with.

Makeup can be a hassle, but if you look after yourself, it’s easy to look amazing without it.

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