Why Eating Chocolate Is Sexy

Why Eating Chocolate Is Sexy

When you peel that red foiled heart shape chocolate on Valentine’s Day this year, you probably won’t ask your significant other what made him/her think of chocolate. Not since the first Hershey Kiss hit the shelves back in 1907 has chocolate been as revered as the love “food of the gods” that translates from the original scientific name: Theobroma cacao.

A dollop of sweet stuff with its trademark little plume has made mouths water and women believe in romance again with its cutesy name. But did you know that chocolate has been used as gifts since before Cortes first touted its aphrodisiac properties to Spain?

The true cacao bean was considered a potent source of manly vitality, and strength; with claims that a man could walk and be virile for an entire day after a few sips of their renowned chocolate drink. The Aztec often used a cacao drink at Nuptials to invoke romantic passion and wisdom of the love gods. It has gone on to claim fame as one of the most popular holiday treats ever to be conceived.

But it’s in the actual chocolate DNA that you find the true kick chocolate holds as a lover’s treat.

Phenylethylamine, a substance from the endorphin group, is one key substance found in chocolate. And as we all know, endorphins are the thing that brings that so-called “runners high.”

When these chemicals are released into the bloodstream it creates a sort of falling in love sensation combined with Serotonin; an additional chemical found in chocolate, together creating a calming combo whereas you have a recipe for romance.

No other food is desired as much as chocolate by both men and women. Chocolate indulges all five senses. Craved for its smooth, sweet, sensual taste, advertised as silk on skin, it even sounds delectable. Bring up chocolates in a crowded room and watch faces brighten!

Moreover, you can find some in any store even where no other foodstuff is provided. Consumer statistics show; that even when the market of other foods sales go down the chocolate market remains stable. It’s very easy to shape, fill, and manufacture. Even the fruit industry has adulterated the chocolate market with raspberry, strawberry, and even blueberry extracts.

Some of the strong sales statistics of course are due to the increased marketing of dark chocolate hype as an antioxidant required by seniors. Dark chocolate has a denser texture and flavor, not so popular with the younger ages; who prefer the milk chocolate taste, but a huge hit with seniors.

Overall though chocolate tastes sensual, it’s healthy, has a range of uses; everything from hot and cold drinks to souffle.

Chocolate gifts are packaged to give a variety of prices; from the inexpensive candy bar to pricier heart boxes. Everywhere you shop you can find a chocolate gift that fits your budget so why wouldn’t you give a chocolate gift on the day intended for the celebration of love, after all, it’s just plain sexy!

Why Eating Chocolate Is Sexy

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