10 Hair Mistakes To Avoid This Winter

curly winter hair with red scarf

Out of the many fashion disasters to watch out for during winter, hair comes at the top of the list. These hair care tips will get you and your hair through the winter months.

1. Bad Styling

Don’t experiment on your hair in winter. If you want to cut your own hair, wait until the summer when hair grows faster. If your hair’s too short, massage your scalp to increase circulation and growth.

2. Not Washing Your Hair Enough

Your hair needs washed more in winter because it doesn’t provide the natural oils to your hair that summer does. Shampooing regularly will nurture your hair with necessary oils. One good thing you don’t need to worry about is having your hair too greasy in the winter.

3. Overexposure to Hot Water

Washing your hair under hot water too much will dry out your scalp. When you start noticing white flakes, stop washing your hair as much.

4. Not Treating Before Styling

Prior to using heated tools, such as a hair straightener, treating your hair with a conditioning product is crucial. Start out by using TRESemme protective hair spray or Got2b Crazy Sleek Flat Iron and Blow Dry Lotion. If your hair is suffering from a lack of conditioning treatment, start applying your new spray now.

5. Not Using Moisturizer

In harsh cold weather, the winter has the tendency to dry out your hair and make your hair frizzy. So what you need to do is find a good moisturizer. Try the Organic Root Stimulator Hair Lotion moisturizer that is affordable on Amazon.

6. Dying Your Hair Too Much

Excessive dying can lead to hair loss. Again, cold weather is an opposing factor towards hair growth stimulation. If you’re experiencing this, try heating Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the microwave for twenty seconds and massage it into your hair. This will stimulate hair growth.

7. Wearing Your Hair in a Ponytail

Refrain from wearing your hair up in ponytails. This is a good look for summer, but not for winter. Fixing this mistake is simple. Remove your hair accessory and let your hair do the rest.

8. Not Wearing Hats

Leaving your hair exposed to freezing temperatures causes damage to your hair. Wear hats or ski caps as protection.

9. Nurturing Split Ends

Most people stop seeing their stylist in the winter months. If this explains you, you’ll need to start paying closer attention to your hair. Trimming your hair every week or so will help you get rid of split ends.

10. Wearing Extensions

If you must wear hair extensions, make sure that you brush your extensions daily and then use a leave-in conditioner at least twice a week. If you don’t, they will soon turn dry and brittle. I suggest getting new ones for the summer.

With these cold weather hair care tips, you should be able to maintain beautiful and healthy hair during the cold long winter months.

10 Hair Mistakes To Avoid This Winter

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