Hair Care Tips For Fall And Winter

Hair Care Tips For Fall And Winter

Hair has different needs each season. Failing to change a hair care routine as the seasons change results in unmanageable, damaged hair. Make a smooth transition from hot, humid summer months to the colder dry air of fall and winter with these easy hair care tips.

Defensive Strategies

Wash hair every other day as opposed to daily washings that can strip hair of natural moisture and leave it dry and brittle. If hair is excessively oily, apply a dime-sized amount of baby powders at the hair roots and brush it through the hair to absorb oil between shampoos.

Never wash your hair in hot water. High water temperatures can damage hair and promote frizz, use lukewarm water for hair washing. Always make the final hair rinse cold. Coldwater seals the hair’s cuticle which protects hair shine. Blot excess water out of hair, and never rub your hair with a towel which will create tangles. Since hair is at its weakest point when wet, comb out wet hair with a wide-toothed comb to prevent hair breakage. Swap regular shampoo out for a clarifying shampoo once a month to remove product buildup on hair and scalp

Use a deep conditioner on hair every two weeks to restore health and boost radiance. And get a trim every six to eight weeks to rid hair of split ends. Between trims, occasionally apply a little olive oil to the ends of hair to keep the ends moisturized. Brush or comb hair from root to end each night to increase blood circulation in the scalp, loosen dry scalp skin, and distribute the natural oils throughout the hair.

Color Preservation

Hair color actually fades faster on air-dried hair, helps preserve the hair color by using a blow dryer set on the lowest setting, and stopping when hair is about 80% dry. Use a hair color-preserving shampoo and conditioner to make the color last longer and only use sulfate-free hair care products on color-treated hair.

Less time spent outdoors in the fall means paler skin color, bear that in mind when choosing a hair color. Warmer shades of brown will make pale skin look radiant in the fall.

Styling Tricks

Use a steel hairbrush when blow-drying, it will absorb the heat and cut drying time and always spritz on a heat protecting spray first to protect hair from damaging heat. Avoid frizzy hair by never brushing curly hair, use a comb only, and keep hair shine serum handy to combat those frizz flare-ups. When hair shine serum is not handy, rub a dime-sized amount of Vaseline between hands and smooth over hair to combat frizz.

To increase hair volume, flip head upside down and spritz hair roots lightly with hairspray then flip hair back over. Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase will keep your hairstyle smoother longer and keep a variety of hair accessories handy to tame those unruly strands of hair.

Hair Care Tips For Fall And Winter

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