A Simple Home Remedy For Greasy Oily Hair

Greasy Oily Hair

With a few simple ingredients you can find around your home you can treat greasy, oily hair and have hair that is healthy, vibrant, and lustrous.

Anyone who suffers from greasy, oily hair will tell you how embarrassing it is. Oftentimes people jump to the idea that greasy, oily hair is a sign of uncleanness. Not the case. There are many factors that lead to greasy, oily hair.

The Causes of Greasy, Oily Hair

All mammals, including humans, have microscopic glands throughout their entire bodies. These glands are the sebaceous glands. They produce a waxy oily matter called sebum. In humans, these glands are most centrally located in the face and scalp area. Hormones can also cause these glands to produce more.

Conditioners can also result in a greasy look to your hair. Conditioners leave behind a waxy residue that over time will build up. After a while, that build-up will take on a greasy, oily look. Stripping the hair of these residues and build-ups will reduce the look of grease.

Using Vinegar to Treat Greasy, Oily Hair

Vinegars have been used for thousands of years for a variety of reasons. It has been used as a cleaning agent, in foods, as medicines, and as beauty aids. Traces of vinegar have been found in ancient urns in Egypt. One of the reasons for vinegar’s popularity is due to its main ingredient, acetic acid.

In beauty, you can use vinegar as a shampoo and hair rinse. It will help to cut grease and oil while leaving your hair conditioned and healthy. One simple recipe for a vinegar hair shampoo is made by using dish soap and vinegar. I found that the traditional Palmolive green dish soap to be the best. It doesn’t seem to dry the ends of your hair out the way some dish soaps can.

Mix the dish soap and vinegar half and half in a glass jar. Avoid using metal dishes or spoons as vinegar reacts with metal. Gently mix or shake your solution and shampoo your hair as normal. Focus the solution on your scalp and head. Rinse very well and re-shampoo with your normal shampoo and then condition your hair. Avoid getting this in your eyes. It burns and if you do get some in your eyes rinse with clean water, then see your doctor if it continues to burn or become irritated.

Depending on how greasy your hair is will determine how often you have to do this. If you suffer from a mild case of grease then do this once a month, medium case every two weeks, and for a really greasy hairdo once a week.

There are a number of hair products out there that claim to help with greasy, oily hair. Most don’t always live up to their claims. To find the right products for your hair always talk to a stylist or a salon. They will help you find what works for your hair type.

A Simple Home Remedy For Greasy Oily Hair

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