Lip Care Treatment To Prevent Cracking

Lip Care Treatment

Everyone wants soft, supple, youthful lips, and, believe it or not, they are not that hard to get. Many people believe that buying very expensive lip ointments and treatments will give them these beautiful, sultry lips, but just using household ingredients and making remedies at home will do the trick for just a fraction of the cost. If you, too, want lovely lips for less, then keep reading.

The first step in preventing cracked lips and keeping them moisturized is preventing dehydration of your body. That said, always make sure that you are drinking the recommended eight or nine glasses a day or more, depending on your weight and height.

If your body doesn’t have enough water, it’s not going to give up any to your lips. It will use it for more vital body parts and organs. So, drink up and say hello to beautifully, naturally moisturized lips.

Next, make sure you have a nice lip balm. You can purchase some really good ones that have honey or spearmint or essential oil in them, but you can certainly make them at home, too. Use a little plastic tube or not too deep container to keep your lip balm in.

A basic homemade lip balm can be made just by using petroleum jelly as the base. You can add other things to it, such as essential oils or honey or a small bit of juice for flavor. If you can find it, you can use virgin coconut oil as a base, as well as beeswax. Just add your favorite flavors to make the balm more appealing to the senses.

Also, don’t lick your lips too often. This will cause them to become cracked and dry. Instead, try drinking more water every time you are tempted to lick your lips. You can, however, lick your lips if you have some sort of lip balm or lip gloss applied.

Most of the time, if the air quality is quite dry and doesn’t have enough moisture, your lips will suffer for it (as with most of the exterior of your body). In order to fix this problem, you will have to try to increase the humidity in the room or apply lip balm and drink plenty of water. Try applying some aloe vera onto the lips, or you can mix the aloe vera into your lip balm to make it easier to apply.

If your cracked lips persist, consider seeing your doctor because it might be a sign of some vitamin deficiency or an illness. However, for most people, drinking more water usually fixes the problem.

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