How To Mend Split Ends

Split Ends

Split ends can ruin any woman’s day. Ladies, you know what I am talking about. Those frayed, dry ends and split hairs can make every day a “bad hair day.”

There is no magic repair solution for split ends. The only way to get rid of them is by cutting or trimming your hair. Split ends can occur at any point along the hair strand, yet they are most commonly found at the ends, making it easier to eliminate them.

Split ends are more common in people with dry or brittle hair, and people with naturally curly hair. Hair can become damaged from the use of hairdryers, hair straighteners, curling irons, brushing wet hair, and the use of perms or coloring of your hair.

There are ways to help reduce the occurrence of dry, damaged split ends. Avoid the overuse of harsh chemicals such as gels, mousse, and hair spray. Direct heat from dryers or styling appliances can also cause the ends of your hair to fray and split.

Chemicals and heated hair appliances are not the only things that can cause split ends. Brushing hair while wet, excessive brushing, hair extensions, and excessive tangling of the hair can also damage the gentle cuticles of your hair.

There are numerous things that you can do to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of split ends. The best way is to have regular haircuts or trims to rid your hair of the frayed and damaged ends.

Avoid the use of uncovered elastic hair bands or ponytail ties. Only use heated dryers and appliances such as hair straighteners when absolutely needed.

Stay away from hair treatments that claim to repair split ends. Most of these products only “stick” the hair together for a short while and can help reduce frizz, yet they do not actually repair the ends.

Not only do you need to avoid chemicals that you put directly on your hair for styling, you also need to be sure to wash and condition your hair immediately after going swimming. Chlorine can cause further drying and damage to those already delicate hair strands.

Brushing your hair too vigorously or often causes damage to your hair. Choose a pick or brush that helps to detangle hair and prevents harsh pulling of the hair. Gently brush your hair to remove tangles with your fingertips.

Use quality shampoos and conditioners on your hair. If it is not necessary for you to wash your hair daily, then do not do it! Dry hair will especially become more brittle if washed too often.

Split ends cause fuzzy, frizzy, uncontrollable hair. Keeping your hair neatly trimmed can eliminate this problem. Shorter hair styles are easier to maintain and keep properly groomed. Taking care of your hair is an important part of reducing the number of “bad hair days” that you will have to contend with.

How To Mend Split Ends

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