How To Choose Hair Colors That Match Your Skin Tone

Choosing the right hair color depends on not only your skin tone but your eye color, personal style, and natural hair color. Remember to consider your natural undertones too.

If you look good in silver, have very fair, pink-toned, or dark skin, and look great colors like purple, green, and blue you have cool-toned skin. You are warm-toned if you have beige, tan, olive, caramel, or chocolate skin; look better in gold, and look good in earth tones.

If you have cool-toned skin choose cool tones shades of hair like pale blond, ash brown, or jet black. Those of us with warm skin should choose warm shades like honey blond, golden brown, or auburn.

Another concept to remember is how light or dark you can and should go. If you are dying your hair with at-home color, you should only dye it one or two shades lighter or darker. However, if you are going to a salon, you can dye it three or four shades darker or lighter.

For example, if you have black hair naturally, you can dye it to medium brown at home and down to caramel blond at a salon. When choosing highlights, select ones that are one shade lighter if you’re going for a natural look and two shades lighter if you want them to stand out. If you want an edgy, rocker look try pink with blond hair, red with brunette hair, or pale blond with red hair. Also, if you’re a brunette, auburn highlights look great and warm up your hair.

If you have light skin (fair to beige), the best hair colors for you will be pale blond, golden brown, light brown with blond highlights, strawberry blond, red, and auburn. Blue eyes look good with any hair color but red, auburn, and strawberry blond all look great with them. Green eyes look best with pale blond hair but light brown and red shades look good, too.

If you have brown eyes like me, try pale to honey blond or golden brown hair. Adding blond highlights to brown hair helps bring out gold tones in brown eyes. If your personal style is glamorous, auburn and strawberry blond work best. For edgy girls, blond with pink, red, and pale blond work best. If you want a natural look try light golden brown hair with subtle blond highlights or honey-blond hair.

For those of us with medium skin (olive to bronze), many colors of hair that you never thought you could have been possible. Brown eyes look great with honey blond, golden blond, caramel blond, light and medium golden brown, and cinnamon-colored hair. If you have blue eyes, chocolate brown, black, golden brown, and auburn hair look good on you.

Green eyes look best with chocolate brown, cinnamon, caramel blond, and honey blond hair. If you have an edgy style, try red highlights in dark hair. Glamorous girls look great with dark blond hair and natural girls should choose chocolate browns.

If you have dark skin (caramel to chocolate), there are a few great color options for you. Besides basic black and chocolate brown, other colors can look great on you like cinnamon, deep auburn, golden browns, and caramel blond like Beyonce. Dark blond hair can look great if you have warm, medium-dark skin. Brown eyes are best with dark blond and golden brown hair.

Blue eyes are good with cinnamon and auburn hair. Green-eyed, dark-skinned girls look good with chocolate brown or caramel color hair. If you want to have an edgy look, try something bold like honey blond, red highlights, or reddish-brown hair which will stand out with your skin tone. For those of you who want to look glam, try caramel blond, golden brown, or cinnamon hair. If you’re going for a natural look, try brown or auburn highlights or dye your hair a chocolate brown.

How To Choose Hair Colors That Match Your Skin Tone

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