The Best Hair Products For Long Brunette Hair

Best Hair Products For Long Brunette Hair

Do you have long brunette hair (like me)? Want to know the best hair products to use on your hair? I’ve done all the extensive research and am here to help! You can read more about me and my mane below. Or skip right down to the nitty-gritty and get on with it.

All About Me

I have had long brunette hair my entire life. Well, except for the one time a hairdresser chopped it all off unbeknownst to me. I looked like a boy. I cried for days. My friend had her hair cut the week prior by the same hairstylist, and I loved her hair. So I told the hairdresser I wanted my hair to look like my friend’s hair. She must’ve been thinking of another friend with short hair! I never did go back to her.

There were also a couple of instances where I wanted to see if blondes really did have more fun. Note: they don’t. As a teen, I made my own homemade Sun-In hair lightening bleach (1 part hydrogen peroxide mixed with 2 parts water) because it was way cheaper than the name-brand stuff, and then I laid out on the lawn on a beach towel in my bikini and read a Harlequin romance novel. Ah, what I wouldn’t give to have my younger self’s body again. Not the orange hair though. Because let’s face it, brunette hair would fry and die before turning blonde with Sun-In lightening spray.

I also tried blonde highlights once. Once was all it took to see photos of myself and realize I look much better as a brunette. And I did a few stints of auburn-colored hair, mainly because burgundy has always been one of my favorite colors. But when I got my first gray hair, I vowed to never color my hair a different color than my original color. Note: Actually my very first gray hair was not on my head, and it freaked me out! My reason being for sticking to brunette was then people don’t know if I actually color my hair or not. As far as you’re concerned, I’m still a natural brunette!

I shouldn’t complain about a few grays here and there as most of my friends are full gray. And I’m lucky to have a daughter that is a cosmetologist so I can get touch-ups in the convenience of my own home as needed.

Wait, there’s more about me

And why do I keep my hair long when it’s harder to maintain than short hair (or so they say)? Because I think I have a fat neck and a double chin that Kybella couldn’t even help. I think I look thinner with my hair down covering my neck. Of course, I say this while my hair is currently up in a looped ponytail bun like it is 90% of the time. But when I go out (like out-out, really out), then I put my hair down. Okay, we got that covered.

That’s enough about my own long brunette hair stories. Let’s get to the real reason you’re here. You obviously have long brunette hair and need to know the best hair products to use on your hair. I’m here to help. Considering I’m turning the big 5-0 this year, I have tested and reviewed hundreds of brands of hair care products over the years. I also have a resale business where I have the opportunity to test a wide variety of liquidation hair products. Over-the-counter and salon brands are usually at my disposal. Below are the best hair products for brunette long hair, I promise.

Best Shampoo For Long Brunette Hair

I am going to list shampoos and conditioners separately as I actually like different brands better for each of them. That being said, it’s also good to switch up shampoos for your hair – they call this hair cycling. I personally keep about five sets of shampoo and conditioner in my shower and rotate through the brands. This trick, I learned from my bestie Lisa. I normally go through conditioner faster than shampoo. Therefore, I do not always have the same ratio of bottles at all times.

Best Over-The-Counter Shampoo: Herbal Essences

When I was in high school, my dream job was to write television commercials. I now write blog posts instead, but I still love a good commercial. In fact, I live for the Superbowl commercials.

One of the best commercials of all time was when Clairol Herbal Essences came out with a new “organic” shampoo and marketed it as “orgasmic”. Even Dr. Ruth made an appearance in the ad!

Herbal Essence was a bit rich for my blood back in the day. I dreamed of someday using this orgasmic shampoo. I am no longer a single mom with four kids. And Herbal Essences is also now affordable. I think I love the scents of their shampoo the best. And reliving the commercial every time I use it is super fun.

Herbal Essence shampoos are also free of parabens, colorants, and gluten so those of you that prefer au-natural.

Best Salon Shampoo: Joico Defy Damage 

Joico Defy Damage Protective Shampoo is great for damaged hair as it cleanses away impurities. It also helps boost hair’s natural defense against daily damage, such as hair straighteners. Joico Defy Damage Protective Shampoo is kinda pricey though, so I reserve it for when my hair feels damaged with split ends.

Shampoos I do NOT recommend

I am usually not that picky about shampoos. But here are two shampoos that I absolutely do not recommend for long hair.

  1. Tressa ConCerv Shampoo – leaves hair ratty
  2. Pureology Purify Shampoo for color-treated hair – makes head tingle and leaves hair greasy

Best Conditioner For Long Brunette Hair

I have two favorite conditioners for my long brown hair. The only real difference is the price and convenience of bottle sizes.

Best Over-The-Counter Conditioner: Tresemme

Years ago, I got a SpaFinder gift certificate, so I booked an appointment to get my hair done at an upscale salon. I also got my first Swedish massage that day. I asked my hairstylist what was the best over-the-counter (OTC) products that she recommended. Because at that time, I couldn’t afford salon brands. She said, hand’s down, the best OTC brand was Tresemme. And the worse brand was Pantene (according to her).

I haven’t found a Tresemme conditioner that I don’t like. And they claim to make a conditioner for every type of hair:

    • Maximum Lengths for long hair
    • Color Vibrance & Shine for colored hair
    • Revitalize Color for colored hair
    • 24 Hour Volume for fine hair
    • Repair & Protect 7 for damaged hair
    • Keratine Smooth for frizzy hair
    • Keratin Smooth Color for colored hair
    • Curl Hydration for curly hair
    • Nourish & Replenish for dry hair
    • Detox & Restore for oily hair
    • Anti-Breakage for damaged hair
    • Healthy Volume for fine hair
    • Silky & Smooth for frizzy hair
    • Anti-Breakage for damaged hair
    • Flawless Curls for curly hair
    • Rich Moisture for dry hair
    • Ultimate Hydration for dry hair

I’m currently using the Maximum Lengths conditioner that’s formulated for long hair. And I use a lot of formulations for colored hair and damaged hair. But the formulation that leaves my hair the softest and shinest (and least tangles) are the ones for curly hair. And I don’t even have curly hair! So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to trying new hair products.

Best Salon Conditioner – Matrix Biolage

I also have not found a Biolage conditioner that I didn’t like. Biolage also makes an array of different conditioners for different hair types. 

  • Volume Bloom for fine hair
  • Smooth Proof for frizzy hair
  • Color Last for color-treated hair
  • Scalp Sync for all hair types
  • Keratin Dose for over-processed hair
  • Fiber Strong for fragile hair
  • Hydra Source Detangling Solution for dry hair
  • Full Density Thickening for thin hair
  • Ultra Hydra Source for very dry hair

What I love best about Biolage, besides it being a good conditioner, is that it is available in gallon jugs (128 oz). The jugs look similar to bleach bottles, so don’t get them confused! You can buy a reusable pump for the gallon bottle. The pump makes it super convenient in the shower.

Best Detangler Sprays For Long Hair

My favorite detangler for long hair for years and years and years was Suave Kids Detangling Spray. Yes, it says it’s for kids; I originally bought it when my three daughters, all with thick long hair, were young, and I used it myself. There was no thin fine hair in our household! I also bought a lot of Drano and Liquid Plumbr as our drains were constantly plugged up with hair! Snake drain clog removers were my BFF until I discovered TubShrooms. If you haven’t heard of these, check them out now as they are a lifesaver at preventing hair clogs.

I would’ve said Suave was the best detangler spray until I discovered TRESemme Pro Pure Leave-in Conditioner, and I fell in love with that! You have to shake it before using it to mix up the oil and water, but it was a dream come true for my long hair. Unfortunately, it’s also hard to find, so it may actually be discontinued.

So, it’s a good thing that I just recently discovered Amika: The Wizard Detangling Primer (not to be confused with Amika: Vault Color-Lock Leave-In Conditioner which is different and not as good). I don’t really care for the tiny new-fangled spray bottle Amika comes in. You can buy bigger refill bottles, and I actually just buy those and pour them into my old Tresemme bottle. The big detangler refill bottle does say “not for resale” so you’ll most likely need to buy directly from I do see some for sale on auction sites from unauthorized resellers, but you didn’t hear it from me.

There, here you have it: my top three detangler sprays for long hair. You can thank me later.

Top 3 Hair Detangler Sprays
#1amika The Wizard Detangling Hair Primeramika The Wizard Detangling Hair Primer buy now button
#2 TRESemme Pro Pure Leave-in Conditioner For Dry Hair Detangle and Smooth ConditioneTRESemme Pro Pure Leave-in Conditionerbuy now button
#3Suave Kids Detangling SpraySuave Kids Detangling Spray, Applebuy now button

Best Dry Shampoo For Brunette Hair

I used to wash my hair every single day because my hair always looked greasy and oily at the roots before the end of the day, and dry shampoo wasn’t a thing “back in the day”. Nowadays, I wash my hair every three to four days. I like to say I have now “trained” my hair to not need to be washed every day, and the grease and oil have stayed at bay. Or maybe it’s my age, as my oily skin is finally clearing up as well! There are days I definitely start to see “day old” hair, but I don’t worry about it anymore thanks to dry shampoo!

If you have any other color of hair besides bleached blonde, you probably hate the white residue of dry shampoo. To me, the white residue looks like dandruff on darker hair colors. I’ve been testing various dry shampoos made specifically for brunette hair. I’ve decided, there are no ifs, ands or buts about it. The best dry shampoo for brunette hair is… drum roll, please…

Batiste Brunette Dry Shampoo

Batiste Brunette Dry Shampoo
My Favorite Dry Shampoo For Brunette Hair: Batiste Brunette Dry Shampoo

I prefer the aerosol cans with the smaller cap. I think the color and coverage from them are better than the cans with the straight caps. But after looking at the Batiste website, I think the one I prefer is a previous discounted version (although still available on Amazon). I see on the website, they offer a “dark hair” option. So if I ever fail to find my smaller capped bottles, I will test out the dark hair edition.

Best Dry Conditioner For Brunette Hair

I didn’t even know dry conditioner was a thing. That was until it was a “free with purchase” deal when I bought Amika Perk Up dry shampoo (before finding Batiste dry shampoo). Therefore, the only dry conditioner, I’ve actually tried is Amika Silken Up Dry Conditioner, so as of today, that is my favorite! I will update this post if I try another that I like better. A dry conditioner is good to use on days when my hair is frizzy. The dry conditioner will calm the frizziness and make your hair look shiny and luxurious.

Amika side note

You’ve probably noticed that I recommend a lot of Amika products (and they don’t even pay me to advertise them)!  Another one of their products that I absolutely adore is for every head of hair out there (and possibly for those with no hair): Amika 001 Hair Fragrance – this stuff is *almost* smells better than my go-to perfume scent: Burberry Classic Eau de Parfum. I get compliments on how good I smell every time I wear it.

Best Wet Brush For Long Hair

For years and years, I used a hair pick to “pick” through my long hair. I even used a wide-tooth pick in the shower. I ran it through my hair before I rinsed out the conditioner. This helped cut down on tangles after getting out of the shower. Of course, this was also before I discovered the best of the best hair products for brunette long hair. It was also before my daughter became a cosmetologist (don’t forget to tip your hairstylist well). She introduced me to wet brushes.

Wet Brush Original Detangler Brushes
Wet Brush Original Detangler Brushes | Image Source:

Many manufacturers have come up with their own version of wet brushes, but I highly recommend you get a “Wet Brush Original“.  After washing, conditioning, and towel-drying your hair, spritz detangling spray on your wet hair, then brush your hair with a wet brush. I prefer the Wet Brush rectangular paddle over the oval Wet Brush because it’s a tad bigger for my thick, long hair.


Phew, I think these 2300+ words sum up the best hair products for long brunette hair. If there are any that you think I absolutely need to try, hit me up!

The Best Hair Products For Long Brunette Hair

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