20 Clothing Brands That Are Made In The USA

Made In The USA

When it comes to fashion, opting for clothing brands that are ‘Made in the USA’ is more than a patriotic statement – it’s a conscious decision to support local businesses, ensure labor fairness, and reduce environmental impact.

20 Made In The USA Clothing Brands

These American brands take immense pride in their craftsmanship, comprehensively ensuring quality and durability. From casual wear to formal attire, these brands offer a diverse range of styles and designs to cater to every fashion need. Let’s delve into the world of American-made clothing, and discover the brands that intertwine style with sustainability.

1. Allen Edmonds

  • Handcrafted in Port Washington, Wisconsin
  • Specialty: Men’s Shoes and Boots
  • Financing Option: Zip

Exceptional shoes and boots, all purposely handcrafted in Port Washington, Wisconsin using the finest imported materials.

Allen Edmonds, an iconic American brand, has been creating premium handcrafted men’s shoes, that are ‘Made in the USA’, since 1922. Synonymous with quality and excellent craftsmanship, Allen Edmonds is renowned for its wide range of styles – from dress shoes and boots, to casual loafers and sneakers. Their meticulous construction process, which involves over 200 separate steps, is a testament to their dedication to durability and comfort. Beyond shoes, the brand also offers finely crafted accessories and apparel, further solidifying its position as a leader in the American fashion industry. When you purchase from Allen Edmonds, you’re not only investing in a product that lasts, but you’re also supporting a business rooted in American history and economy.

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2. American Giant

  • Headquarters in San Francisco
  • Manufactured in Middlesex, North Carolina
  • Specialty: Hoodies
  • Financing Option: Afterpay

American Giant is another remarkable ‘Made in the USA’ brand revolutionizing the clothing industry with its commitment to quality and longevity. Known for the ‘greatest hoodie ever made’, American Giant takes immense pride in its 100% USA-made supply chain, from the cotton fields to the manufacturing facilities. The brand’s mission is to create durable, versatile clothing with a focus on sustainability and ethical labor practices. Its product range spans from sweatshirts and hoodies to jeans and t-shirts, each piece crafted to stand the test of time. When you choose American Giant, you’re not just choosing comfort and style, but also a pledge to support American jobs and sustainable fashion.

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3. Avocado

  • Handmade in sunny California
  • Specialty: Mattresses (but also specializes in Robes and Pajamas)
  • Financing Option: Affirm

Organic French Terry Robe

Avocado, a prominent ‘Made in the USA’ brand, is renowned not only for its luxurious, eco-friendly “green” mattresses but also for its commitment to sustainable clothing. The company’s mattresses are handcrafted using the finest natural materials, promising durability and comfort. Notably, Avocado extends its dedication to quality and sustainability to its clothing line which includes robes, pajamas, activewear, sweaters and more. With garments made from organic cotton, the brand ensures that every piece is ethically produced and environmentally friendly. By choosing Avocado, customers are not only investing in high-quality products, they are also supporting a brand that advocates for environmental sustainability and responsible production.

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4. Black Halo

  • Located in Los Angeles, California
  • Specialty: Luxury women’s fashion
  • Financing Option: Klarna
Jackie O Sheath Dress - Cady Bi Stretch
Jackie O Sheath Dress

Black Halo is the brainchild of designer Laurel Berman. This high-end women’s fashion line has been making waves in the industry since its inception, recognized for its modern elegance and sophisticated designs. Berman’s vision of impeccable style, coupled with superior craftsmanship, has given birth to an array of glamorous, tailored pieces. From the iconic Jackie O dress to an expansive range of chic jumpsuits, Black Halo’s designs exude a blend of classic refinement and contemporary flair. When you invest in Black Halo, you are not only embracing a piece of timeless fashion but also supporting a brand deeply rooted in the American fashion industry.

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5. Carolina

  • Manufactured in Martinsburg, PA
  • Specialty: Work Footwear
  • Financing Option: PayPal Credit

Women's Footwear

Established in 1963, Carolina Shoe Company has a long-standing reputation for manufacturing high-quality work, outdoor, and casual footwear. What sets Carolina apart is its unwavering commitment to performance, ensuring each pair of shoes stands up to the rigors of demanding work environments as well as the trials of outdoor adventures. From rugged logging boots to comfortable casual wear, Carolina offers an extensive range of styles designed with the utmost attention to detail. When choosing Carolina, customers embrace sturdy, durable footwear, while simultaneously supporting an established American business that contributes significantly to the nation’s economy.

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6. Darn Tough Vermont

  • Made in Northfield, Vermont
  • Specialty: Merino wool socks
  • Financing Option: PayPal Credit, ShopPay

Darn Tough Vermont is known for its high-quality, durable socks that come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee, showcasing their commitment to superior craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

7. Fox Creek Leather

  • Made in Independence, VA
  • Specialty: Motorcycle leather apparel & biker accessories
  • Financing Option: Klarna

Fox Creek Leather, another ‘Made in the USA’ brand, takes pride in its high-quality, durable leather goods that perfectly blend traditional craftsmanship with modern style.

8. Fox River

  • Crafted and knit in Osage, Iowa
  • Specialty: Premium outdoor, hiking, boot, work, ski, military and performance socks
  • Financing Option: PayPal Credit, ShopPay

Fox River Socks is known for its exceptional quality and comfort, offering a wide range of socks designed for various activities, from outdoor adventures to everyday wear, all while committing to environmentally friendly practices.

9. Groceries Apparel

  • Manufactured in Downtown Los Angeles, California
  • Specialty: Clothing made from discarded food scraps
  • Financing Option: PayPal Credit, ShopPay

Groceries Apparel puts a high priority on both style and sustainability, providing fashion-conscious consumers with clothing that not only looks good but is also good for the planet. This Los Angeles-based company is known for their organic, recycled, and fair-trade line of clothing, combining eco-friendly materials with a stylish, modern aesthetic. The company’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices goes beyond their choice of materials and extends into their manufacturing process, as they strive to support local economies and reduce their carbon footprint. Groceries Apparel is a perfect choice for those seeking to add sustainability to their wardrobe without compromising on style.

10. Hanky Panky

  • Headquartered in New York, NY
  • Specialty: Thongs, underwear, lingerie & sleepwear
  • Financing Option: ShopPay

Hanky Panky, renowned for its comfortable fit and intricate lace designs, has become a go-to choice for women seeking both style and comfort in their intimate wear.

11. Hardtail Forever

  • Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California
  • Specialty: Yoga apparel & clothes for women
  • Financing Option: Afterpay

HardTail Forever, a prominent athleisure brand, is celebrated for its high-quality, fashionable, and versatile clothing, offering a perfect blend of comfort and style for fitness enthusiasts and everyday wearers alike.

Clothing Brands That Are Made In The USA

12. Harvest & Mill

  • Sewn in Berkeley, California
  • Specialty: Organic clothing
  • Financing Option: PayPal Credit, ShopPay

Harvest & Mill, an eco-conscious clothing brand, stands out for its commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing, using 100% organic cotton and natural dyeing processes to produce high-quality, environmentally friendly garments.

13. Huckberry

  • Spread out across three great American cities: Austin, TX, San Francisco, CA, and Columbus, OH
  • Specialty: Men’s outdoor apparel
  • Financing Option: Affirm

Huckberry is a unique online retail destination that caters to the modern adventurer. Offering a carefully curated selection of clothing, gear, and lifestyle products, Huckberry combines high-end design with practical functionality. The US based company is well-regarded for their commitment to quality and ethos of inspiring more people to get outside. Their aesthetic and product range is thoughtfully designed to cater to individuals who value both style and outdoor performance in their everyday lives.

14. LA Made Clothing

  • Manufactured in the historic Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) Fashion District.
  • Specialty: Ethical fashion essentials
  • Financing Option: ShopPay

LA Made Clothing, a contemporary women’s wear brand, is distinguished for its emphasis on high-quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and timeless designs that embody the laid-back, yet sophisticated vibe of Los Angeles style.

15. MATE the Label

  • Sustainably made in Los Angeles, California
  • Specialty: Non-toxic, natural and organic apparel
  • Financing Option: Afterpay

Mate the Label, a leader in clean essentials, is revered for its use of non-toxic, natural, and organic materials, delivering sustainability-focused clothing that does not compromise on style or comfort.

16. Michael Stars

  • Made in Los Angeles, California
  • Specialty: Contemporary essentials
  • Financing Option: Afterpay

Michael Stars, a leading fashion brand, is globally recognized for its pioneering approach to creating effortless, contemporary style by combining premium fabrics and innovative designs, embodying the modern California lifestyle.

17. Outerknown

  • Based in Culver City, California
  • Specialty: Sustainable apparel
  • Financing Option: Afterpay

Outerknown is applauded for its commitment to sustainability and quality, crafting stylish and durable clothing from environmentally responsible materials, capturing a unique blend of function and fashion.

18. Softstar Shoes

  • Based in Philomath, Oregon
  • Specialty: Minimal, zero-drop leather shoes
  • Financing Option: PayPal Credit

Softstar Shoes, a standout in the handcrafted footwear industry, is acclaimed for its dedication to foot health and comfort, using premium, sustainably-sourced materials to create flexible, minimalist shoes that promote natural foot movement and comfort.

19. Taylor Stitch

  • Inspired & Designed in San Francisco, California
  • Specialty: Classic men’s clothing
  • Financing Option: Afterpay

Taylor Stitch, a distinguished apparel brand, is applauded for its commitment to durability, functionality, and timeless style, crafting classic men’s wear from responsibly-sourced materials that perfectly encapsulate a blend of ruggedness and refined aesthetics.

20. Thorlo

  • Based in Statesville, North Carolina
  • Specialty: The original padded sock
  • Financing Option: ShopPay

Thorlo, a respected leader in the sock industry, is renowned for its exceptional comfort and durability, using innovative padding technology to create superior footwear solutions that protect against impact and pressure.

Buy Now Pay Later Made In The USA Clothing

Looking to support American-made clothing and shoe brands but on a tight budget? While some of these brands may have higher prices compared to their offshore counterparts, all of the mentioned brands offer financing options on their websites as denoted above. So you can still show your support without breaking the bank! Simply scroll up to start shopping. 


The ‘Made in the USA’ label has come to represent quality, durability, and sustainability. From shoes to clothing and accessories, these brands offer a diverse range of styles that embody American craftsmanship at its finest. Furthermore, when customers purchase from these USA-made brands, they are not just investing in durable products but also contributing to the local economy, and supporting ethical labor practices. It’s time to think more consciously about where our products come from, and opt for brands that are proudly ‘Made in the USA’!

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