How To Get A New Hairstyle You Will Love

How To Get A New Hairstyle You Love

Women’s hair is often left in the hands of their hairstylists. We all know that finding a good hairstylist is like finding a rare and precious gem. Although it is hard to feel in control when sitting in the hairstylist’s chair. However, there are many things we can do as customers that will help us achieve the perfect new hairstyle.

Preparations Before A New Hairstyle

There are some things that can be done before getting a new hairstyle. The main thing would be to find out exactly what is wanted. Look through old pictures and see what hairstyles worked in the past and what did not. Taking this preparation beforehand will help not repeat that poodle perm in the ‘80s or the bangs from college.

Look through magazines of celebrity haircuts. Celebrities will usually have the most current hairstyles and it is easy to find a celebrity with similar facial features. Make sure not to pick a hairstyle based on the affection of a certain celebrity. Just because we love Jennifer Aniston’s acting does not mean her haircut will look good on every woman. Look at the facial features and bone structure, find a celebrity that has the same face shape.

If a picture is found for the hairstyle desired, bring it to the hairstylist. It is more beneficial to be able to show a picture, even better if it is pictured.

Be realistic about the hairstyle that is wanted. Make sure not to pick a hairstyle that will take more time than what is usually spent in the morning.

Work With The Hairstylist On The New Hairstyle

Talk openly with the hairstylist about the need for a change. She will be more than willing to help find the correct style. She will most likely have some ideas of what would look great depending on the face shape, hair length, and hair texture. Be open to her suggestions, she knows hair and will be able to help.

Be visual when asking for a certain length. Instead of commenting on how many inches to cut, instead, show where the hair should hit on the face or body. If the desire is for shoulder-length hair then show it.

Make sure to pay attention while she is cutting the hair. If something is not looking right then ask about it. This is also a great time to learn techniques on how she styled the new haircut.

If the hairstylist is not willing to work with her clients or is just not listening to what is being expressed then it is probably time to look elsewhere. Start taking notice of other people’s haircuts and asking what salon they go to, if they love the gal they see they will be willing to share her name. And if you absolutely love your new haircut, be sure to tip the hairstylist well.


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