The Butterfly Haircut: Why It’s Trending Now

Butterfly Haircut

The butterfly haircut is a popular hairstyle that comes in many variations and can look great on all hair types, from short to long. It has been trending recently due to its versatility and the edgy, modern look it provides. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what a butterfly haircut consists of, which hair types and lengths are suited for this hairstyle, what to ask for at the salon to achieve the perfect butterfly haircut, and how to style it.

What Is A Butterfly Haircut?

The butterfly haircut is a layered cut with side bangs or “fringe” that tapers into a V-shape at the nape of the neck. This gives the impression of a “butterfly” shape when viewed from behind or in profile. Although this cut is traditionally associated with shorter hair lengths, there are many different ways to wear it. With longer hair lengths you can use layers to create movement and volume while still achieving a butterfly silhouette.

Types of Hair Suited for the Butterfly Haircut

This cut looks amazing on both short and long hair lengths and can be customized for almost any face shape. Short styles work best on straight or fine hair as they give the illusion of more volume than wavy or curly hair does. Longer styles can be tailored for all kinds of curls; just make sure your stylist takes your curl pattern into consideration when cutting layers so you don’t end up with too much weight in one area or too much bulk in another area.

How To Ask for a Butterfly Haircut at the Salon

When asking for a butterfly haircut at the salon, tell your hairstylist exactly what you want—including details like how long you want the layers to be and if you want side bangs or not—so they can customize the look just right for you! They should also take into account your face shape, texture of your hair, lifestyle needs (i.e., if you have an active lifestyle), and desired styling options (i.e., if you plan on wearing it up often).

How To Style Your Butterfly Haircut

Once you have achieved the perfect cut for your type of hair length and texture, styling will depend mainly on whether or not you have bangs/side-swept fringe added to it. If so, then simply blow-dry your hair using a round brush after washing your hair in order to create smoothness and movement; then finish off with some hairspray if desired! For those without bangs/fringe added in their version of this cut, try using some volumizing mousse before blow-drying and curling sections with large barrel curling iron; then finish off with some lightweight hairspray once cool!

Butterfly Haircut


The butterfly haircut is an incredibly versatile style that looks great on all types of faces shapes, textures and lengths – from short pixies to long layers! It’s no wonder why this style has been trending lately – it’s edgy yet sophisticated look makes it perfect for any occasion! Whether you’re looking for something more subtle or something more bold – there’s sure to be something out there that will fit your individual style needs! So why not give the butterfly haircut a try today?

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